Can you see the difference?
Several automakers have been adopting new logos this decade. From what we've been observing, manufacturers are opting for the 'minimalist' look, giving a more 2D effect. So far, most of the German automakers have gone for that type of logo, along
Ford’s wildest truck yet
The horsepower war among pickups have been pretty heated these last couple of years. It's not just midsize pickups like Hiluxes and Tritons we're talking about here. Over in the US, their full-size trucks are packing serious firepower under
More tech, kit, and power
The Ford F-150 has been the USA's best-selling vehicle for the last 46 years. The full-size truck took the sales lead in 1977 and has kept it since. But just because it has been on the top for
We like this love language
You must be thinking, "What the heck, Top Gear? What drivel is this? Where are the hard-hitting news, the car reviews, and the automotive updates?" We still have all of those. But hey, you clicked on this right? Now that we
Another F-Series model? Maybe. Maybe not.
Car companies file patents and trademarks all the time. Whether it's to block off a name for a potential model or protecting an old nameplate, trademark offices worldwide get tons of applications from automakers every day.That brings us neatly to
Is the next-gen compact crossover that good?
Okay, let's get this straight: This is not a Ford.Well, not completely.The original Territory launched as the Yusheng S330, a Chinese joint venture between Ford and JMC. Unfortunately, a limited dealer network made for tepid sales. But with a
Is your unit affected?
By now, you've heard about the technical service bulletin affecting the Ford Everest. So, what exactly is the recall about, what are the actions Ford Philippines is taking, and is there a way to know if your unit is affected? Well,
Campers, check this out
This is the all-new Ford Nugget campervan, revealed recently with an overhauled layout and a myriad of new features to make your next holiday as hassle-free as a six-hour road trip to a faraway town can possibly be.Developed
Only a limited number of 4x2 units will be sold
During our coverage of the 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show, we asked you guys if you think the Ford Everest Wildtrak is a fit for the local market, and most of you said yes, this more rugged version of Ford's midsize
These look pretty sick
Artificial intelligence is really quite the thing. With the advent of more advanced AI tools, we've seen all sorts of wild digital creations come out on the Internet. Frankly, it can be a bit scary, but we digress.Recently, while browsing
Despite its size, the Ford F-150 has been a steady seller in the Philippines. It's an impressive feat too, given that Ford doesn't have to market the truck all too often. It could even be said the F-150
Is it still one of the best the midsize SUV segment has to offer right now?
In the midsize SUV segment, there are arguably two top-of-mind choices right now. There's the Toyota Fortuner, of course, and there's the Ford Everest. Sorry, Mitsubishi, we'll have to wait for the next-generation Montero Sport before
He's probably the most famous Raptor superfan
What kinds of cars would you usually associate with celebrities? Is it a supercar? A sports car? Or is it something like a megabuck SUV or luxury sedan? We wouldn't be surprised if you thought any of those. After all, it'
The latest member of the Raptor family is something none of us saw coming: This is the P-Raptor dog wheelchair, and this special contraption is every bit as advanced and off-road-capable as its four-wheeled counterparts designed to be
The Hennessey tradition continues
Proof, if yet more was required, documenting the magical, ethereal and incomprehensible power of racing stripes. Because how else does one account for a 70% horsepower jump on a car already loaded with them?Enter the Hennessey H850 Ford Mustang Dark Horse
Brand grows 55% year-on-year thanks to Ranger and Territory
Been seeing a lot of new-generation Ford Rangers and Territory crossovers on the road lately? Yeah we noticed, too. We knew these models were doing well for Ford Philippines, but we didn't realize how well.Ford Philippines just announced
We support this
Did anyone else see this coming? Nope, us neither. Ford has unveiled this Mustang Mach-E Rally at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it's already confirmed for production later this year.No details about the car's performance-or indeed,
It's got off-road goodies too
There are endless ways to customize off-roaders these days. You can lift them, slam them, turn them into glampers, and even Barbie-fy them.Wait, what?Okay, Barbie-themed cars and SUVs aren't new. After all, there is a long
Why though?
Ford has been patenting pretty amusing, if rather bizarre, ideas lately. The most recent one filed was the roof mounted battery pack for electric vehicles to allow charging while in off grid adventures. It's essentially a power bank for EVs, but
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