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Rarer than carbon-fiber garage queens
These days, gloss clear-coat carbon fiber is the material of choice for eye-popping car bodywork. Paganis, Bugattis, McLarens-they all use super-polished weave as shorthand for 'hey you, look how artful and expensive this is.'But it hasn't
Cant’t we all just get along
There will always be some bloke who tells you Betamax was technically better than VHS. But VHS won. Which was better out of HD-DVD versus Blu-ray, or Memory Stick versus SD card? Who can actually summon the energy to give
In case you’re planning to buy a midsize SUV
The virtual launch of the Ford Everest Sport isn't the only big news from the American car manufacturer today.Ford Philippines has announced that it has given the midsize SUV's Titanium variants a few new upgrades to enhance the model'
It’s also the first PH online launch for a mass market vehicle
So here it is, the first virtual launch of a mass market vehicle in the Philippines, and probably not the last.Ford Philippines has finally launched the Everest Sport. If you'll recall, this vehicle was supposed to be launched back in
Dear lord
A fresh coat of black paint and a couple of streaks of red-yep, we think we may have just found something to replace the A-Team's GMC Vandura. We pity the fool that begs to disagree.What is this exactly?
This limited-edition variant will be sold in Europe
Welcome, world, to the newest iteration of the Ford Ranger Thunder. Fantastic name, right? Ford has some properly cool monikers for its pickup trucks, of course-there's the Raptors, the Super Duty King Ranches, and the old F-150 Lightning to
Just one of many measures that the carmaker will take under the new normal
Carmakers have started reopening dealerships left and right over the weekend. Ford Philippines, for example, has resumed operations in several of its facilities both in and out of the metro.Along with this resumption of operations, Ford's dealers are implementing new
Every big company has a turning point
The Volkswagen Golf's story starts with the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful and iconic cars ever built. During its heyday in the '40s to the '60s, the company unsurprisingly produced several variants. However, it was facing a major dilemma:
It changed the automotive industry for good
It's a big, American carmaker that got going in 1903, named for the man who founded it (Henry Ford, whose family is still in control over 100 years later). Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Ford makes some of the best mainstream cars
Internet, don't fail us now
To some, Kentucky brings to mind visions of a particular fast-food chain serving fried chicken. But for most car enthusiasts, the state of Kentucky is synonymous with one car: Corvette. Home to the brand's plant and national museum (yes, the
As of Tuesday, May 5
Ford owners and customers in areas now under general community quarantine, here's a heads-up: Your local dealership may have already reopened to provide sales and service support.As of today, May 5, 2020, 15 Ford dealerships across the country are
We are grateful
With its steel spaceframe racing chassis and FRP body panels, the M1 was a Giugiaro-designed 277hp supercar, built so BMW could race in Group 4. It was the first-ever M-badged BMW. We have much to thank it for.Just
The third-generation model, to be exact
Is there an end to the creative lunacy of Ken Block? Simple answer: No. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, his brain is salivating at the thought of what he can build next to send tires screaming into smoke. And
That ‘1400’ in the name denotes the horsepower rating, by the way
Back in 1968, Ford built 50 special lightweight Mustangs specifically for drag racing. Some 40 years later, it revived the practice, and most years since has built small batches of these fat-tired, turnkey but non-road-legal Mustangs. They're called
Wax on, wax off
Stories of the underdog overcoming all odds to defeat the bigger and better foe are nothing new, especially in sports movies. The formula was perfected when Sylvester Stallone slurred his way to an Academy Award nomination in Rocky, which came out 1976.
Farewell, Focus RS
Ford RS models don't come along too often. But when they do, they're usually worth the wait, offering a blend of power, speed, rally-bred lairy styling, and affordability that has the sports-car aristocracy looking nervously over their shoulder.
“We are not planning another RS version of the Focus”
Sad news, friends: Ford has told Top Gear that it has no plans to build another Focus RS.In a statement, the company said: "As a result of pan-European emissions standards, increased CO2 taxation, and the high cost of developing an
A grand total of 102,090 Mustangs were sold in 2019
Outside of its truck lineup, the Mustang is undoubtedly Ford's most popular nameplate of all time. For several decades now, it has held the title for the best-selling sports car in America. Now, it has added yet more entries to
Ford Performance is also offering a new upgrade for the Mustang GT, too
Ford Performance has yet again expanded its catalog, and its latest additions are new engine calibration options for the Ranger and the Mustang. It's not as if the vehicles needed more oomph than they already have, but we digress.The engine
Those were the days
Mercury was merely Ford's upmarket spin-off, but its planetary name somehow captured the spirit of a space-seeking age. Meanwhile, many cars have found fame repurposing the name of a big cat, and 'cougar' has rather morphed in meaning since
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