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It did 34km/L in actual driving conditions
So which diesel vehicle do you think is the most fuel-efficient?After the successful launch of Euro 6-compliant Petron Blaze 100 last year, the petroleum company wasted no time in finding out if there's also an improvement with its
Do you know your motorbike's fuel mileage?
Does your blood pressure fluctuate as often as the change in fuel prices?With prevailing uncertainty over the price of gasoline, motorists are now becoming conscious about the fuel consumption of the vehicle they use. The same goes for motorcycle users.To
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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was caught red-handed in its domestic market of Japan as having submitted inaccurate fuel-economy numbers to the country's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The carmaker had done so for four JDM models (two of
For almost all of its product offerings
Brio owners are going to love this news. The cutest car in the Honda vehicle lineup also happens to be the most fuel-efficient. This is according to a recent fuel economy test conducted by Honda Cars Philippines, which also included several
That's with the manual transmission
On December 2, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines began driving two units of the Mirage G4 sedan and one unit of the Mirage hatchback from Luzon to Mindanao with the aim of breaking the previous unofficial Philippine record for the longest distance traveled by
Interrupted by typhoon Hagupit
On December 2, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines embarked on a journey whose only mission was to break the unofficial Philippine record for fuel mileage, which was 1,402km on a single tank of fuel as achieved by a Honda Jazz during the Petron
Aiming for 1,450km on a single full tank
In 2007, I joined Petron's "Xtra Mile Challenge" for the media. The fuel economy run featured a fleet of Honda subcompact cars (City and Jazz). If my memory serves me right, I did a pretty impressive 1,000+km on one
Our technical editor tries to explain what happened
In our September issue, our staff writer Patrick Tadeo reported that he encountered less-than-stellar fuel economy with the all-new Toyota Vios 1.5 G equipped with automatic transmission. This was according to the vehicle's built-in fuel-
More fuel-efficient than hybrids?
Peugeot likes to call its diesel vehicles \"micro hybrid.\" Technically speaking, however, there\'s nothing hybrid about these cars since there are no electric motors to supplement their internal-combustion powerplants. What they do have is the so-called e-HDi system,
To compensate owners of more than one million vehicles
Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors have reportedly set aside more than $412 million to compensate their customers in North America for their overstated fuel-economy claims.According to, Hyundai has earmarked 240 billion Korean won ($225 million) to cover
Over fuel consumption of his car
A disgruntled owner of a Kia Picanto made an attention-grabbing scene today at the Korean carmaker's booth in the ongoing Auto Focus Motorshow & Auto Expo at the Mall of Asia concert grounds, which will run until November 11. Nigel Yu,
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In the wake of the PR crisis that followed the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) discovery that the fuel-mileage estimates of Kia vehicles sold in the US market were inflated, the Korean car brand's exclusive distributor in the
Label adjustments now in the works
The United States' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has uncovered significant discrepancies between the actual and the claimed fuel economy of Hyundai and Kia vehicles sold in the US. The EPA is the federal government agency in charge of ensuring that the mileage
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