*Some companies will freeze prices in areas declared under state of calamity
After a few consecutive weeks of hefty rollbacks, fuel prices are back on the rise yet again. Just when we thought things were going to get better in time for Christmas. *sigh*According to the latest advisories from various fuel companies, the
It was inevitable
Well, we all knew it was coming. A report by CNN Philippines says that the Department of Finance (DOF) is warning consumers to expect higher fuel excise in the coming weeks. This comes off the heels of last year's drama,
And a Yamaha FZ16 motorbike
It's been a pretty awesome 2016 for comic-book fans so far. Batman V Superman kicked things off very recently, to be followed by Captain America: Civil War later this month and X-Men: Apocalypse next month. In line with the
Because cars are more than just machines
Valentine's Day might be over, but we're sure memories of candlelit dinners and romantic dates are still fresh in your mind. The same can be said of car owners. Whether single or attached, car owners know they're never alone
And a Ranger Wildtrak and a Focus
We tend to take what fuel we put in our engines for granted. We're pretty sure you can remember the last kind of oil you've put in your engine, but how about the last kind of gasoline or diesel?Vehicle
Here are the oil company's latest offerings
Petron Corporation gathered the media to launch its new marketing campaign dubbed "Best Day at Petron," which highlights the company's products, services, rewards and privileges. What exactly are its latest offerings?* Euro 4 fuels. Petron was the first oil company to
6 months ahead of gov't target date
Conscious about what kind of fuel you put into your car? This news might interest you.Yesterday, Petron Corporation formally announced that all gasoline products produced at its Bataan oil refinery are now Euro 4-compliant. Which means if you bring your
See details of the partnership
Thanks to the partnership of Chevron Philippines and Robinsons Retail Holdings, grocery and shopping points may now also be used when fueling up at participating Caltex stations.Robinsons Rewards Card holders can now use their points to redeem one-peso discount for
A first for the expressway
Motorists coming from the northernmost part of Luzon and headed south toward Pampanga or Metro Manila will soon no longer have to worry about their vehicles running out of fuel when they get onto the southbound stretch of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac
With these Christmas fuel cards
Let's face it: There are times when we appreciate practical gifts over another necktie or handkerchief. But there's a certain lack of refinement in giving money--at least when the recipient is not a student anymore. An acceptable middle ground
Check out the airtime schedule
Our country may not be the massive landmass that North America or Europe is, but trust us when we say that you will never get tired of driving around the relatively tinier Philippines. We've been driving cars out of town for
And free parking, too
Members of the Petron Value Card loyalty program will be treated to some perks by the petroleum company during the 2014 season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines.Petron is reportedly giving away free tickets to UAAP games "to active
Overview of challenges and track-to-road significance
The Malaysian Grand Prix is one of the many events we've been to courtesy of Shell, a technical partner of Ferrari for over 60 years. That means we--and you, if you read our features regularly--are pretty familiar with the
Chevron\'s product engineering specialist explains
Ever wonder if there is an iota of truth in fuel commercials that claim their products actually clean the insides of your car\'s engine in order for it to perform optimally and run the way it should? No, not those little
Following Unioil\'s lead
Seaoil, the Philippines\' largest independent petroleum company, is now carrying Euro 4 and Euro 5 fuels, making it one of the few local oil companies that have adapted to the emission standard that is scheduled to be implemented by the country in
Does this make the petroleum brand more appealing?
Seaoil Philippines, the country\'s largest independent petroleum company, has partnered with STP, one of the world\'s leading brands of automotive lubricants, by adding the latter\'s premium additives to its product offerings.\"STP is very proud to be working with
The answer, apparently, is simple
Have you ever wondered why Caltex only offers three kinds of fuels-Gold 95, Silver 91 and Diesel with Techron--while its competitors, specifically Shell and Petron, offer a whole lot more? The answer, apparently, is simple.\"We only carry what the
But customers can only use fuels with no metallic additives
Volkswagen\'s Philippine distributor, Automobile Central Enterprise, is clarifying what has been reported in various media outlets, including TopGear.com.ph, that it wouldn\'t be bringing in gasoline-powered vehicles because of the presence of manganese in some of our petrol
For as low as P199 with P3,000 fuel purchase
Unioil is now giving away--for a limited time--four radio-controlled toy cars based on popular European models.For every P3,000 single or accumulated purchase of the same Unioil Euro IV fuel product, a customer can buy one of four
Not really, says a manufacturer of fuel additives
Last month, Volkswagen\'s Philippine distributor, Automobile Central Enterprise, revealed that it wouldn\'t be selling gasoline-powered models after the German carmaker\'s engineers had tested our fuels and discovered that they contain manganese which \"can be damaging to some engine
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