When will it end?
Think local gasoline and diesel prices are ridiculous now? You haven't seen anything yet.In a recent Laging Handa press briefing, the Department of Energy (DOE) said that one of the variables currently affecting local fuel prices is the foreign exchange
Do you need to top up this week?
The incoming week is set to bring in another round of fuel price hikes.For June 28 to July 4, 2022, the price of diesel will go up by P1.65 per liter, while gasoline prices will increase by P0.5 per
Every P4,000 single-receipt purchase is equivalent to a discount coupon
Another week, another fuel-price hike. Make sure you know those fuel-saving tips by heart because you'll need to continue following them for as long as pump prices remain this high.We have some good news for this week, though:
Third straight week of increasing prices
Fuel prices are still expected to go up this coming week, but the increase won't be as big as in the two previous weeks.For June 21 to 27, 2022, there will be a price hike of P3.10 per liter
Don’t run on empty, guys
There's no denying that fuel prices are painful at the moment. If they get any higher, your local petrol station could graduate summa cum laude by the end of the year. But as tempting as it might be to splash just
No reprieve from last week’s price hikes
Get ready for another round of increasing fuel prices this week-and it'll still be painful for owners of diesel vehicles.The upcoming fuel price hike for the week of June 14 to 20, 2022, is as follows: Prices of diesel
The agency expects the rise to continue
If you feel like there'll be no end to the weekly fuel price hikes, you're not alone. And it looks like you're not wrong, either.As reported here by reportr, the Department of Energy (DOE) is expecting even more
The increases could go as high as P2.70 and P6.50, respectively
Heads up, motorists: Another round of fuel-price increases is set to kick in this coming Wednesday, June 7. OTHER STORIES YOU MAY HAVE MISSED:Lopez Jaena Street in Pasig City is now a car-free zone every SundayMMDA reminds riders not
As well as tips on how to avoid this from happening
A motorcycle has better gas mileage compared to a car for the most part, but a bike normally has a shorter range on one full tank just because bikes usually have much smaller tanks. Much, much smaller.To give you an idea,
That isn’t an arcade you’re looking at
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is celebrating its 110th anniversary in style. Along with the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the LTO has now opened two new facilities in Metro Manila.First is the Information Technology Training Hub. The LTO says this will
It doesn’t stop with trucks and motorbikes
Earlier today, we got hold of the Department of Finance's (DOF)"fiscal consolidation and resource mobilization plan" and reported on the agency's intent to repeal the excise tax exemption for pickups and impose them for motorcycles-measures proposed in an
Meanwhile, gasoline prices will only roll back by P0.4/L
Fuel prices have been on one gigantic roller coaster over the past few months. Remember last week's major increase? Well, it's going to be met with yet another rollback this week.Effective tomorrow, diesel prices in the Philippines are set
The company logged record earnings in the first quarter of 2022
We've been suffering greatly from the continuous increase in pump prices across the globe. However, it appears the companies who keep selling us these expensive fuel products are making a lot of money in the process.According to a report by
More of this, please
After a big increase last week, fuel prices in the Philippines are set to go down tomorrow, May 2.Effective tomorrow, the prices of diesel products will go down by P1.15 per liter and gasoline products by P0.65 per liter.
Oh, man
Well, this sucks. We recently reported that fuel prices could go up big this week. Now, it appears that the price hike will be pushing through.Effective April 26, 2022, the prices of gasoline products will go up by P3 per liter.
When will it end?
Planning to gas up? You may want to do so soon, because local gasoline and diesel prices may jump up again.According to a new report by GMA News, local gasoline prices could go up by as much as P3.30/L
When will we see these prices normalize again?
After a couple of rollbacks, fuel prices are going back up again this week. And similar to recent hikes, diesel prices will be getting a significant bump.Effective Tuesday, April 19, 2022, the prices of gasoline products in the Philippines will go
A good start to the new quarter
Fuel prices have continued to fluctuate over the past few weeks. After the last major price hike, a fuel-price rollback is now set to take effect.According to the latest advisory from Cleanfuel, gasoline prices in the Philippines will go down
It looks like last week’s rollback was short-lived
It looks like the fuel-price rollbacks will be a bit short-lived. After last week's huge decrease, fuel prices are going to shoot back up again tomorrow.Effective March 29, 2022, diesel prices will go up by P8.65 per
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