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At least, that's the plan
Yes, it's the dream we all saw in Back to the Future, The Fifth Element and Blade Runner. No, not a hoverboard, Milla Jovovich or the white stallion from Deckard's nightmares-the flying car. And Airbus wants to make them
Self-driving included
The classic film Back to the Future might have predicted a world where we don't need roads, but if current trends are anything to go by, pavements will still play a part in how our cars move around. The difference is
Old fashion, future tech
If we're to believe '60s futurists, by 2040 we will live in a world where our post is delivered by jetpack-powered mailmen, consume three-course meals via a pill, and holiday in space hotels. But what would we drive? Well,
At least they tried, right?
Progress is about eliminating all non-working solutions. These fell by the wayside. Here are nine car inventions that, quite frankly, weren't some of the best ideas to come into fruition.Honda WOWHonda says WOW stands for 'wonderfully open-hearted wagon'-
Could a motorbike look any cooler?
Earlier this year, BMW gave us a glimpse of the vehicles of tomorrow. The BMW Vision Next 100, Mini Vision Next 100, and Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 weren't just concept cars to predict the brand's next offerings within the
We compile 10 space-age automobiles
In the '90s, some of the most memorable Hollywood films for us were disaster flicks: Dante's Peak, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Volcano, Mars Attacks! We could go on and on, but if we had to pick a favorite, it would have to
What are these?
Unless you've been vacationing on Mars or living the life of a hermit, you're probably aware that high-tech is in. Homes and gadgets are now interconnected, not to mention refrigerators allowing you to surf the Internet while deciding on
At Auto Shanghai 2015
How old are you right now? If you're still in your teens, chances are you might live to see drastically different cars in the future. Maybe not quite the cars from The Jetsons, but still radically advanced enough to qualify themselves
Because we don't know what gadget Steve Jobs will launch next
We already know how complicated the process of designing modern cars is. Every carmaker has a well-funded department called R&D--research and development, of course--whose task is to ensure that every new car that rolls off the assembly line
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