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It was fun while it lasted
Well, it was fun while it lasted, but it looks like might have to start shelling out extra at the pump again. A report by The Philippine Star says that the government is looking to impose more taxes on gasoline and diesel-
Will you use another fuel brand for your car?
A party-list representative is calling on the country's independent oil companies to step up and help alleviate the fuel shortage by building up their distribution capacity."Consumers are counting on the independent players to provide extra supplies of gasoline and
What a way to start the week!
Back from a fuel-guzzling weekend road trip? This is the perfect time to top up as oil firms implemented a price rollback on fuel products this morning.Chevron Philippines (Caltex) cut the price of its Gold, Gold E10, Silver, Silver E10,
Do you agree?
Drivers in the United Kingdom are driving slower due to the rising cost of fuel, a study conducted by a satellite navigation company showed.Safety camera data provider RoadPilot revealed more UK drivers said they have reduced their average speed due to
Time to fuel up!
Petroleum companies Pilipinas Shell, Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex) and Seaoil Philippines reduced the prices of their gasoline and kerosene products by 25 centavos per liter.The price adjustment reflects the movement in the international oil market, Seaoil said in its media advisory.
Celebrate your day
Did you know that today is your day? From the point of view of Seaoil Philippines, that is.Independent oil firm Seaoil Philippines celebrates the Seaoil Motorist Day today by offering a P1 per liter discount on fuel.The promo is applied
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