Effective tomorrow
Owners of diesel vehicles are in for a treat this week. Gasoline vehicles? Well, not so much.Local fuel providers have announced another set of gasoline and diesel price updates. Starting November 22 (that's tomorrow), the cost of gas will edge
‘Matic o sagad, sir?’
If you've never gassed up outside the Philippines, you might think that gas station attendants filling your tank up for you is the norm. Well, it's not.In other countries, motorists handle fuel pumps by themselves. They're fully in
Good news
Up. Down. Up. Down. Up-and we're down again. Frankly, we're starting to get dizzy keeping track of all these fluctuations.Industry players have now announced that new fuel price rollbacks are taking effect this week. Gasoline will drop by
And what a fortunate accident it was for motorists in the area
The Philippines isn't the only country that's suffering from the rising fuel prices-other nations, such as the US, are also going through the same crisis.That's the reason people all over the globe are also on the constant
With these gas prices, we’ll take any prize we can get
Okay, so fueling up might be the last thing people want on their minds right now. The thing is if you own a car you're going to have to drop by the pump sooner or later.If you're a comic
Will this case prosper?
If you can't beat them...sue them?According to recent a report by WISN.com, a pair of gas station operators in the US are suing a competitor for-get this-offering motorists lower fuel prices.The companies, which operate nearby
This will come in handy
Seaoil's latest promo should make rising fuel prices easier to swallow. Well, at least if you're a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) driver or delivery partner.Every Monday this March, Seaoil is giving TNVS drivers and delivery partners from select
That’s the official statement
Again, when something sounds way too good to be true, it probably is. Online scammers make a killing taking advantage of netizens who forget this rule, so always keep it in mind when you're mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds
Chevron Philippines has been busy these past few months
Chevron Philippines (CPI) got busy in 2020, opening a total of 30 new Caltex stations, among others, throughout the year. Its expansion efforts, however, have not stopped there.The company has now shared that in the second quarter of 2021 alone, it
Located within Barangay Sapang Putol
Cleanfuel continues to expand its growing network with the opening of its newest station in San Ildefonso, Bulacan. This new branch is located at Barangay Sapang Putol in the heart of San Ildefonso. It seeks to cater to residents of the 36
Do you shop here?
For some people, the weekend is the time to get minor errands out of the way before the start of the workweek. You know, like dropping by the grocery or filling up your car's fuel tank at a nearby gas station.
The riders will also evaluate stations’ facilities and quality of service
Starting July 12, Angkas riders will report real-time fuel prices to the Department of Energy (DOE). Recently, the officials of the two organizations agreed to launch a collaborative program to help the DOE monitor retail pump prices. This program was established
Have you been jabbed yet?
Well, here's one more reason to get vaccinated for COVID-19-aside from, well, avoiding the hospital of course.Caltex Philippines is now offering fuel discounts to vaccinated motorists who can present valid vaccination cards showing at least one dose administered.
The threat is real
In movies and video games, the threat of a cyberattack usually presents itself in grand fashion, perhaps in a high-stakes game of espionage or bank heist. In reality, when one takes place, it's usually much less dramatic-but just as
Expanding its reach
Has a brand-new Caltex fuel station popped up in your neighborhood over the past couple of months? If yes, you're the beneficiary of the fuel provider's initiative to further expand its reach under the new normal.The company has
A temporary shutdown is still scheduled, though
Employees of Petron's Bataan oil refinery can breathe a big sigh of relief, as the facility is no longer facing permanent closure thanks to the approval of the company's registration as an enterprise of the Freeport Area of Bataan.This
‘We sincerely apologize’
If you managed to pass by a Petron gas station around lunchtime today, you probably noticed this wasn't just another regular Tuesday afternoon. The reason for all that traffic? A whopping 50% discount on fuel products from 11am to 1pm.Well,
You might want to gas up elsewhere if you’re in a hurry
Yesterday, Petron announced that it would be slashing 50% off all its fuel prices at select branches in celebration of the 2020 holidays. The promo would only be available today from 11am to 1pm, and customers need only purchase one liter of
Now this is what we call a grand prize
Can you imagine never having to pay for gas again? We can. The savings from the one or two road trips you take annually alone would already amount to a small fortune-but a lifetime worth of free gas? This is every
Not all heroes wear capes
Remember when the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) revived the 'Nutribun' at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, the company is now giving the bread free of charge to Metro Manila's urban poor, distributing it at 30 Petron gas stations
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