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There’s a fine line between ‘Fan’ and ‘Fanatic’
The formula is still top secret
There are a handful of top-secret concoctions that are locked away in vaults, like the composition of Coca-Cola, and the list of the 11 secret herbs and spices that Colonel Sanders used to create KFC fried chicken. The WD-40
"What's that knocking sound?"
Everyone, whether they admit it or not, is afraid of something. For some, it's death-defying phenomena like heights or fast acceleration. For others, it could be the fear of other living things like certain insects or animals. Gearheads, naturally, have
See if you can relate
Since you clicked this article, chances are you've been identified as the family/barkada/office car guy, and you've been asked more automotive-related questions than you care to hear. We believe it's a small price to pay to
Meet Robert So
In case you haven't heard, Pirelli-official tire supplier of Formula 1-has set up shop in the country last August 2016. And expansion is already in the pipeline, according to local distributor Multitract Tires Incorporated. To acquaint Filipino motorists with
Meet Ramesh Narasimhan
Last month, newly appointed Nissan Philippines president and managing director Ramesh Narasimhan was our featured executive in the Gearhead section of the magazine. Here is an excerpt from our exclusive interview with the head honcho.Top Gear Philippines (TGP): The clamor for
An interview with Mr. Dave Macasadia
Early this year, SsangYong returned to our market through its new distributor SsangYong Berjaya Motor Philippines. Officially making a brand launch at the 2016 Manila International Auto Show where it unveiled three models, the Korean marque seems set on establishing its identity
Gearhead for our September 2015 issue
Meet the man who catapulted the Japanese car brand back in the game (in our market, that is). We're featuring Toti Zara, president of Nissan Philippines, in this month's Gearhead section of the magazine. Launch the gallery to read highlights
Paul Williamsen is the real deal
There are car enthusiasts who read Internet forums and think they already know everything, and there are car experts who really are authorities in the field in the truest sense of the word. Paul Williamsen, Lexus\'s global manager for technical education
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