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The two companies are looking to produce millions of EVs starting 2027
The partnership between General Motors and Honda has grown bigger and bigger over time. It started off as a collab to build two electric vehicles ,and it eventually became a full-on alliance in North America. Now, it's expanding even further.
We reckon they’ll do fine
There's a reason the Chevrolet Suburban is a constant presence in film and television, often seen trying to keep VIPs in one piece from point A to B: the SUV has a reputation for being a go-to security vehicle in
This is the Nova Montana, Chevy’s compact pickup bound for South America
Ford and Hyundai have been making some noise in the small-pickup segment with the launches of the Maverick and the Santa Cruz, respectively. Well, General Motors has this to say: "Hold my beer."GM has just released the latest teaser of
Will more car features follow?
Last month, we reported that several major car manufacturers were making production adjustments due to the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage, with some resorting to ditching certain features in order to cope.In the case of General Motors (GM), it had to
In partnership with Lockheed Martin
General Motors and Lockheed Martin are getting together to build a new lunar rover for NASA's 'Artemis' program. The first crewed mission to the Moon is set for 2024, and by the end of this decade, the program ought to have
Watch the all-electric supertruck in action
Moab, Utah. Home of the legendary trails that have served as the ultimate proving grounds for a huge number of off-road vehicles. Where else to prove your 4x4's prowess than here, right?That's exactly what GMC is currently doing-
How long can this last?
Well, this isn't a good look at all. According to a report by Bloomberg, car manufacturers are now being forced to leave out advanced tech features from their offerings because of the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.The report says Nissan
It’s hard to believe this is the final production form
Oftentimes, outrageous concepts don't always retain their radical designs if and when they do make it into production. We admit that sometimes it's a bit disappointing, but for the most part, we get it-the initial sketches and renders just
With an estimated range of more than 480km
We told you GMC was set to reveal an all-electric Hummer SUV, right? Well, here it is, ladies and gents.It looks basically the same as the Hummer EV pickup, only this one comes as a complete SUV, of course. It
Worth it?
The Hummer going electric? You could say it's the end of an era. Whether this is a good thing depends on what side of the fence you sit on regarding the nameplate. Does this model represent the golden era of gas-
It has the makings—and the enticing price tag—of a real workhorse
Wuling Motors has had quite the success with the Hong Guang Mini EV. A P200,000 compact electric vehicle really does sound like a steal, right? Well, the Chinese carmaker has now rolled out another new model, and by the looks of
And for a ’90s car—let alone an EV—it was actually pretty fast
It's the GM EV1. Or at least it was. Just so no one can accuse us of burying the lead, General Motors went ahead and crushed all but a handful of the 1,117 EV1s it produced. GM also bricked 99%
As well as a new flagship EV called the Celestiq
Flying cars really might become a reality sooner than we think. Car manufacturers are starting to venture into what could be revolutionary automotive technology of the future, and the future looks real exciting.The latest carmaker to announce its foray into flying
Launched alongside GM’s new ‘Everybody In’ zero-emissions campaign
A few days after Kia revealed its new logo and slogan, another carmaker has also redesigned its badge to start the year: General Motors.GM recently launched its new 'Everybody In' zero-emissions campaign, and with it, the company is transforming its
The station-wagon version looks like a promising people-hauler, too
The all-new Hummer EV was launched just recently, and people are already out modding the new super-truck. Well, in renders, that is.The latest ones we've found come courtesy of none other than X-Tomi Design, the same artist
General Motors has revealed some early design sketches of the new truck
If you haven't been following the news lately, well, you might have missed the launch of the all-new electric Hummer. Yes, General Motors and GMC have officially launched the all-electric pickup version of the once gas-guzzling SUV.It'
It’s got four-wheel steering, underbody cameras, and adjustable air suspension
Behold: the all-new, all-electric Hummer.The electric truck debuts with futuristic styling, eye-catching performance, and heaps of tech. First things first, though, let's talk about its design. The Hummer EV is a burly machine with a front fascia
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