One can hope, right?
What's been going on with Hyundai in the Philippines lately? Obviously, the South Korean carmaker has been laying low for the past several months-but why?The open secret within the industry is that the company will be making a local
Would this work in the PH?
At first glance, 180km of range for an electric vehicle doesn't sound too impressive-more so if you're comparing it to the Teslas and Volkswagens of the world. For an urbanite like this, though? That kind of usability may be
The more the merrier
Land Rover has confirmed that it will reveal a giant, eight-seat version of the new Defender on May 31, 2022.The extended Defender will be badged 130 and will join the 90, the 110 , and the commercial hardtop in the range.
Hot damn
No car is ever too extreme. Take the Ford F-150 Raptor, for example. You would think that this off-road beast, barring a little Frankenstein tinkering from John Hennessey, is already at the top of its game. Well, it's not.
In Australia, at least
The Land Cruiser LC300 might be Toyota's newest SUV darling, but it's hardly the most iconic iteration in the model's lineage-at least not yet. That title arguably still belongs to the Land Cruiser 70 Series, which continues to
The two action stars are getting along nicely
Production of the 10th Fast and Furious film is off to a rocky start after long-running series director Justin Lin suddenly dropped out of the project-supposedly due to a "major disagreement" with franchise star and producer Vin Diesel."Justin finally
Could this be the next big thing?
The age of the airless tire could almost be upon us-at least if tire manufacturers can overcome the last few hurdles keeping this technological advancement at bay. And it does look like this is the case.According to a report by
Come on…
Was he in a hurry, or was he just lost? By the looks of footage released by Roman authorities that show a confused motorist exiting his Maserati with a flashlight, it could be a case of the latter. As we all know,
The brand’s smallest offering just got more desirable
The Lexus UX may be the Japanese brand's smallest offering, but it's heading into 2023 with some pretty big upgrades.Lexus has revealed the refreshed version of its subcompact crossover, flaunting a host of improvements to the car's convenience.
Yours for just under P9,000
Transformers fans, we think we know what's going to land on top of your Christmas wishlist this year.Lego has just announced a new 1,508-piece Optimus Prime set for adults that can actually transform-not into a pile of
Why are we not surprised it’s expensive?
Formula 1, as with most other forms of sport, is a heavily commercialized spectacle. There's branding everywhere-everything from car-related merchandise to household products like batteries, watches, and banks.Of course, there are drinks, too. Red Bull is obviously the
There’s a catch, though
On paper, this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI unit going under the hammer via Cars & Classics later this month ticks all the right boxes. It's in practically pristine condition, almost completely stock, and has just over 3,000km clocked on its odometer.
Can minivans truly be sporty, though?
Minivans have come a long way since their humble days as pure family haulers. They're getting more and more luxurious now, and some are even shifting their designs to look more like SUVs.Sporty, though? That might still be a stretch.
What’s your first impression of the vehicle?
So then, following on from the big reveal of the fifth-generation Range Rover last year, we now have the Mk3 Range Rover Sport to go with it. You only get one chance at a first impression. What's yours?Looks aside,
In Australia, at least
Man, moving to Australia sure sounds like a real fine idea right about now. Sure, you've got giant spiders, flame tornadoes, and just about every manner of nasty prowling the Outback-but you also have this.What is it? Just a
He’s no longer permitted to buy the brand’s cars
Remember Philipp Plein? If not, let us jog your memory. The dude is a German fashion designer who dressed up and flaunted his Ferrari in ways the brand deemed 'distasteful.' He ended up in a legal battle with the carmaker.Why bring
Demand continues to remain high
What's in a car's name? Well, if we're talking 'Land Cruiser,' customers are likely in for a pretty long wait.By now you've probably heard the crazy levels of demand Toyota currently has to deal with when it
Anyone else miss this thing?
The Kia Soul? Sure, the thing wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it was still a bummer to see it leave the Philippine market and we still kind of miss the quirky little runabout to this day.The good news
One patent filing suggests it’s possible
In March, Toyota got Southeast Asia hyped up with the unveiling of an Innova EV. Granted, the clean-running MPV shown off at the 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) was only in its conceptual phase, but still.Patent filings in India,
Enough for you?
Earlier this month, proponents of vehicle electrification celebrated the lapse of the country's Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act into law. The hope is that with this, significant strides can finally be made towards cleaning up local motoring.One of the law'
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