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Still not for sale though
In August 2011, Goodyear revealed that it was developing a self-inflating tire that was essentially a tire with a miniaturized pump inside it that kept it (the tire) inflated to its proper pressure at all times. A little over a year
Free fuel for tire buyers
With the rising costs of fuel, Goodyear Philippines has decided to extend its New Year Bonanza promo where a customer receives a free fuel card for simply buying new Goodyear tires.Every single-receipt purchase of two Assurance ArmorGrip, Fuel Max, Fortera,
Beat that, run-flat tires!
Goodyear is reportedly developing a self-inflating tire, which means even those who don't use expensive run-flat tires can have the peace of mind.According to, Goodyear has dubbed the system as Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) and it
Just in time for the coming summer season
Is it time for you to change your tires? This must be a lucky season for you as Goodyear Philippines is giving its customers a treat with its Dash for Cash promo where customers get the chance to be one of 30
And better mileage, too
The new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max with Fuel Saving technology is already available to Filipino motorists who want to cut the fuel consumption of their vehicles, Goodyear Philippines said.In a statement, Goodyear said the Assurance Fuel Max with Fuel Saving technology,
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