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The brand recently held a regional event in Malaysia to mark the milestone
Need new tires?
If you're in the market for a new set of tires, you might want to take a look at Goodyear. That's because Goodyear Philippines recently launched a new tire, the Assurance ComfortTred. The company adds that this new tire is
They’re supposedly 90% sustainable
Cleaning up motoring isn't just about replacing internal combustion engines with electric powertrains. Almost every part of a car-from its seats to the plastics used in the interior-could stand to become more sustainable.Tires are one component that could
Looking for some new tires?
Most tires will get the job done-at least if we're talking the usual back and forth between your home and office or the kids' school. If you're looking for more in terms of performance, though? Perhaps an upgrade might
The brand’s products reach far above our atmosphere
Airless tires? Sure, it might be the next big step for automobiles. Goodyear, though, is also working on a giant leap for the industry.The Ohio-based tire manufacturer is currently helping Lockheed Martin build its next-generation lunar vehicle. The two
Time to branch out to other sources of natural rubber
Goodyear has announced it is developing a source of natural rubber derived from dandelions that it can use for its tires. Yes, dandelions. Flowers. Tires made of out flowers. Dandelion tires.The idea stems from a desire to develop a US-based
This might be an actual thing in the future
Goodyear is continuing to make strides with its airless or non-pneumatic tire (NPT) technology. Last year, the company gave us a glimpse of the revolutionary tires being tested with driverless buses. Now, it is testing custom-engineered NPTs for Starship delivery
Is this the future of rubber?
Hey, we love cars, but even we have to admit that motoring is a passion that takes a toll on the environment. One of the biggest byproducts the automotive industry churns out? Tires.Well, some tire manufacturers are finally beginning to clean
Does your SUV need a new set of tires?
Your tires aren't just there to keep your car rolling. Well, technically they are, but there's more to choosing a tire than just having something to keep your vehicle planted on the road.One factor someone in search of a
Goodyear now uses autonomous vehicles for real-world testing of its tire tech
What happens when a driverless car gets a flat? Will the vehicle slow down and pull over? How do you change the tire afterwards, then? More important, who changes the tire?Well, Goodyear has quite the straightforward approach to address all this:
The new normal
You're going to have to keep the new normal in mind if you plan on buying tires at Goodyear Autocare facilities during the general community quarantine period (GCQ).The company has just announced that it will be implementing a zero-contact
It’s almost too easy
Depending on where you get a flat and how big you ride's wheels are, changing a tire can be a tedious process. You need to lug your spare out, jack up your car, and this and that-but what if you
Happy 120th birthday, Goodyear!
If the past few weeks have been any indication of what to expect during future downpours, motorists are going to have to rethink the way they drive.Floods and worsening traffic conditions are two factors that we'll have to keep an
Until December 31
Tires are one thing that you should never scrimp on. Considering they're the things that connect the rest of your car to the ground, it's important you invest in quality rubber that won't burst or rip within a matter
It's all about versatility these days
SUVs have always been some of the most versatile vehicles around thanks to their big size, raised ride height, and ability to rough it up off the beaten path. What's more, they're becoming more capable with every passing generation. Still,
Both organizations are Ohio-based
The Cleveland Cavaliers is the latest National Basketball Association (NBA) team to place company logos on its jerseys, after the organization came to a multi-year agreement with Ohio-based global tire manufacturer Goodyear.Beginning the 2017-2018 NBA season, the Cavs
Including limited-edition car tools
Until January 31, 2014, Goodyear Philippines is giving away premium items to customers who will buy any of the rubber products the American tiremaker produces.Customers who purchase a set of four tires from specified model lines--Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Eagle
Have you checked your rubber lately?
Goodyear Philippines recently opened its latest Servitek outlet, operated by HH Asia-Tyre Corporation and located on Doña Soledad Avenue in Bicutan, Parañaque.\"With over three decades of establishing the largest dealer network in the Philippine tire industry, Goodyear is
Presenting the Assurance TripleMax
Goodyear Philippines has brought to the country its latest wet-weather tire, the Assurance TripleMax, which boasts the American tiremaker\'s latest HydroGrip Technology and \"delivers maximum grip for maximum assurance.\"\"Setting a new standard in tire innovation, the Assurance TripleMax uses
Because not all heroes are behind the steering wheel
Deliberating the winners of the 2012 Goodyear Bayani Ng Kalsada supposedly proved to be difficult for the panel of judges.According to Cito Beltran, who is familiar with the selection process and has been the host for the Bayani Ng Kalsada awards
Promoting heroism on the road
Four public-utility vehicle drivers are the regional recipients of Goodyear Philippines' 2012 Bayani Ng Kalsada awards, with one of them being named national champion.Luzon winner and taxi driver Glen Arcilla witnessed two motorcycle-riding gunmen shoot a married couple in
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