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“We gave ourselves a very clear brief: to create another timeless design”
Is the Gordon Murray imprimatur the automotive equivalent of Willy Wonka's golden ticket? The man responsible for many of the greatest Formula 1 cars-check the Brabham BT52, for starters-and who then gave us the most uncompromising road car ever
Ladies and gents, meet the new GMA T.50S Niki Lauda
Today would've been three-time F1 world champion Niki Lauda's 72nd birthday. Though he's no longer with us, his Brabham teammate Gordon Murray has just revealed one heck of a tribute to his much-missed mate: His ultimate supercar,
Scheduled to be completed in 2024
Get ready to add a new location to the supercar map, joining the likes of Molsheim, Modena, and Sant'Agata Bolgnese. And that place is the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England. Currently home to around 17,000 people, some nice old
“I’m not chasing all the madness, ever”
Gordon Murray's next project will be "a little bit more conventional."Speaking to Top Gear on the reveal of the T.50s racer-the track-only 'version' of the T.50 supercar-Murray revealed that whatever he does next will, naturally,
Done in the spirit of the McLaren F1 GTR
Gordon Murray is a Professor who, in 2019, was made a Commander of the British Empire by Prince William. He is a serious man. And this is a very, very serious car. And yet the big man can't resist a little
What better way to learn about it than from the mastermind himself?
The McLaren F1 finally has a successor: the Gordon Murray T.50-the brainchild of the same man that brought us the now-revered F1 nearly three decades ago.The T.50, like Murray's original masterpiece, is an astonishing piece of
We crunch the numbers
The Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 attack the thorny problem of 'building the ultimate supercar' from completely opposite poles.Aston's Red Bull-soaked contender is as close to a road-going Formula 1 race car as
It’s all about the details
Meet the hypercar that does things differently. It doesn't produce much downforce. It doesn't care about 0-60mph (0-97kph) times or top speeds. Power figures are the least impressive thing about the engine. It's not very big, and
Each one is a gearhead favorite
Gordon Murray's long-awaited T.50 supercar (that's it, above) features a 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine from Cosworth, and it will rev right up to 12,100rpm. That makes it the highest-revving production car ever made,
Check out the first official image
This is big. Like, era-defining big. This is the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, and it may just be the most aerodynamically advanced-not to mention exciting-road car the world has ever seen.Of course, we knew a bit about
It even has a central-seat three-person layout and active ground effect
Please sit down, and cease operating heavy machinery. You might shortly feel sensations of giddiness. Gordon Murray has released a sketch and more details of his new supercar. He's quite happy for it to be spoken of as the successor to
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