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It even comes with the TAG Heuer watch
A Gordon Murray creation
Do not write off this planar-sided truck as an unwelcome gatecrasher among the power-crazed pages of Its purpose is noble. Its pedigree exquisite. And its capability extraordinary."It's a crime, almost, that only 20% of the world'
Putting his Midas touch on Lotus
Gordon Murray, the designer behind the legendary McLaren F1 supercar, has joined Group Lotus as part of the Lotus Advisory Council. Murray joins fellow car industry luminaries like Bob Lutz, Tom Purves, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel and Frank Tuch in advising
Is this one of the greatest ever supercars?
In 2010, McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray unveiled through his firm Gordon Murray Design the T.25, which was his take on what today's city car should be like. A year later, Murray unveiled what he calls is "the world's
Courtesy of McLaren F1 designer
In an age when 3D is the in thing in the entertainment business, one needs to be reminded that nothing is more three-dimensional than live action. As in flesh-and-blood live. Well, DC Comics has approved the production of exactly
Gordon Murray's new design direction<br />
From creating what is arguably the greatest supercar ever to take to the streets in the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray has turned his engineering prowess into developing what is being called as a major breakthrough in city car design: the T.25.
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