In Brazil, wrong navigation proved fatal
Traffic in Metro Manila is like entering Dante's Inferno: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." No one who encounters traffic leaves unaffected. It is a tiring, soul-sucking and depressing occurrence that a motorist never gets used to.And because
We're smiling just thinking about it
Don't you just hate it when a lousy navigator rides shotgun? It's difficult enough to deal with when he's getting you lost after every turn and boring you to sleep behind the wheel, and even worse when he's
Via new Your Timeline feature
To say that we live in a time that loves to document everything we do is a gross understatement. Social-media sites have now made it possible to record precious moments and share these very experiences with the rest of the world.
If you have an iPhone, that is
So the base variants of the Honda City got spiffy navigation systems last night. If you're feeling a little envious that the City VX and VX+ you bought don't have similar toys, you can stop feeling bad.Honda Cars Philippines
Offline navigation for any GPS-equipped smartphone
Thanks to mobile apps like Waze, people no longer have to purchase a dedicated GPS navigation system for their cars. Instead, smartphones on either iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry operating systems can use the built-in GPS system to turn their
Which celebrity voice is on your wish list?
If you're tired of the stock voices that guide you on Waze, you can now add some spice to your daily commute: The voice of actor Terry Crews is now available on the navigation app.With the latest Waze update, you
Old-school map versus modern WiFi
If you got a copy of our Geek Issue (April 2012), then you know that for our road-trip story last month, we used two Nissan Navaras: a regular one and a WiFi-equipped one called Tech Xtreme. We formed two teams
To give discounts as well
Car navigation system manufacturer carNAVi will unveil at the 8th Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) its latest "professional navigation solution in the Philippines," the S400.The S400 has an ultra-slim profile that packs the newest Dual Core GPS/Galileo receiver, a
Just in time for the Holy Week rush
AVT, the company that introduced the first-ever portable GPS navigation system in the Philippines with extensive local support for updated maps, will sell the Navigator PN503 at the 8th Manila International Auto Show "at a very special discounted price."The AVT
Thanks to vehicle-tracking system
An Audi R8 Spyder that was stolen in Paris, France, was recovered in Athens, Greece, thanks to its GPS vehicle-tracking system. This underlines the system's value in recovering vehicles at the soonest possible time despite the distance involved.According to
Don't you wish we had TomTom here?
If you've always wanted Jeremy Clarkson's acerbic commentary to be part of your road trip--and if you happen to live in either Europe, South Africa, New Zealand or the United States--then you're in luck as satellite navigation
Like a heads-up display, only not
Car audio manufacturer Pioneer may have just unveiled the next big thing in car-infotainment systems by unveiling a head unit that not only doubles as a navigation system but also enhances the information it provides through the use of augmented reality (
More options for motorists who hate getting lost
In-car audio and video system device provider AVT has launched new products to enhance its current lineup of global positioning system (GPS) gadgets.AVT presented the following models during the 3rd Philippine International Motor Show: the AVT Navigator PN-301, PN-
With touch-screen and voice-activated technologies, what more could you ask for?<br />
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