Another Chinese brand to consider
The Philippine market is set to take in yet another Chinese car manufacturer in the coming weeks. This time, it's Great Wall Motor (GWM), which has formally named the Luxuriant Automotive Group-the SQM Group's automobile division-as its official
This is the Tank 300, and it just arrived in Saudi Arabia
The Middle East is a region where not a lot of new carmakers try to penetrate with off-roaders and 4x4 SUVs. You see, Japanese brands Nissan and Toyota have established a stronghold in that market with icons like the Patrol and
Does this mean we might see the arrival of more Chinese EVs in our market soon?
The Philippines has seen the arrival of several new Chinese cars and brands over the past several years, and we won't be surprised if those new arrivals start to shift to electric soon. You see, these carmakers from the People's
A stretch?
Man, Chinese carmakers are really stepping up their game. Not only are brands from the People's Republic aggressively expanding outside their home market-they're coming up with products that are fit to show off on the global stage, too.The
Would this be a nice addition to our market?
Remember Great Wall Motor (GWM)? You know, the obscure Chinese brand that launched the Haval H9 here in the Philippines a while back? Well, the carmaker just showcased a bunch of cars, including a new Haval at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor
Check out the price
That's not a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado you're looking at, it's the Haval H9. Haval is a brand owned by Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors, and the H9 is its midsize SUV that seats seven people.It looks classy,
Where else but in China
You've asked for it and very soon you'll get it--but only if you download it illegally through torrents--as Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May have been spotted driving Chinese cars.What's even better is that,
Plus: New vehicles to watch for
If you went to the Manila International Auto Show and checked out the cars at Great Wall's booth, you might have thought Chinese car brand is trying to pull a fast one on you. After all, it seemed like it's
Places faith in the local market
Statemotor Corporation, the Philippine distributor of Great Wall vehicles, has moved up to being an assembler as it has started to put together the Wingle pickup truck and the Hover sport-utility vehicle in Las Piñas City.Although the Las Pinas
Will this change your perception of Chinese cars?
What will Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors have in common with the likes of Audi, Bugatti and a few Formula 1 teams? The use of Ricardo gearboxes or engines.Great Wall and Ricardo have agreed to collaborate for the Chinese brand's
CTV transmission for cool-looking Chinese car<br />
Statemotor Corp., the exclusive distributor of Great Wall vehicles in the Philippines, will soon bring in the automatic transmission-equipped variant of its Coolbear MPV.The automatic transmission-equipped Coolbear will be powered by the same 1.5-liter, 103hp engine used
Great Wall Motors makes its way to the local market<br />
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