Here are all the specs and details
What pops in your head when you hear the name Suzuki? It's usually one of two things: motorcycles, or pocket-sized cars that are also friendly on your wallet. Of course, we're here to talk to you about the latter.
Another new Toyota has landed
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has been consistent with its launches this year. The carmaker has introduced at least one new model in each of the first four months of 2022. Now, it keeps the trend going having added yet another new model
Is this new offering on your ballot?
It's April 2022 as I write this, which means election season in the country is at fever pitch. With just days to go until we elect our next set of leaders, campaign promises border on ludicrous as candidates attempt anything and
This model is treading a fine line
If you'd told people several years ago that the Ford EcoSport would meet its swift end on a chopping block in 2022, you'd likely have been met with a couple of raised eyebrows. The model was, at the time, a
Honda’s baby crossover grows up
The current-generation Honda HR-V bows out this year to make way for the third-generation model. The 2022 HR-V boasts a sharper, revolutionary look, along with a new chassis that it shares with the fifth-generation Jazz, City, and
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