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Not the most affordable scooter out there but arguably one of the most stylish
if you haven’t picked out a bag yet, check this one out
Picking a decent bag can be tricky for riders. Something too big can be a pain in the butt on long rides, while something too small can be just downright impractical. What I have here is something that's right in the
We know a lot of you are curious about this new scoot
The scooter segment has always been one of Yamaha Motor Philippines' strengths, and the sales figures year in and year out reflect this. But despite having a variety of models on offer, the discontinuation of the Fino has left some customers longing
It’s a capable middleweight and arguably a strong competitor in its segment
When it comes to adventure bikes, BMW is king. The GS models are arguably the most recognizable-and nowadays, probably the most common-tollway-legal ADVs out there. It basically has a foothold in the segment.But when you start talking about
And in the spirit of fairness, three reasons it isn’t
Given today's rising fuel prices and the unpleasant traffic conditions in Metro Manila, it's no wonder people are starting to look for more economical means to get around the city. Public transportation isn't exactly a go-to alternative at
As well as a few tips on what to do in case it gets discharged
Batteries are just as important to motorcycles as they are to cars. Unless your bike has a kick-starter lever, chances are you won't be able to use your steed if its battery is dead.But similar to most modern car
As well as tips on how to avoid this from happening
A motorcycle has better gas mileage compared to a car for the most part, but a bike normally has a shorter range on one full tank just because bikes usually have much smaller tanks. Much, much smaller.To give you an idea,
Does this deserve a place in our market?
We've seen the arrival of 300c maxi-scooters over the past few years such as those Kymcos and BMWs. "Hindi pa ginawang expressway-legal" is the usual response from most people, but the fact that Filipinos are still buying these bikes
We take a look at one of the most stylish small scooters in our market today
Honda Philippines (HPI) has continued to revamp its scooter lineup over the past few years. In addition to the top-selling Beat and Click, the company bolstered its offerings further with a couple of small-displacement maxi-scooters.One is the ADV
One of the best bang-for-your-buck scooters in our market today
Small-displacement scooters here in the Philippines are a dime a dozen. From the lesser-known motorcycle brands to the biggest industry players, there's a slew of two-wheelers with small engines to choose from.But when you narrow it down
A full guide for anyone looking to buy a new shell
For motorcycle riders, the focus is almost always on the ride. Questions like "Which model is that?" "What's your dream bike?" or "Where have you been with your motorcycle?" are common enough that any rider probably has a ready answer for
Try not to panic
If you've ever seen a motorcycle on fire up close, then you know well the horrors a sight like that brings. And if the bike you were watching slowly burning to the ground was yours, well... we're sorry for your
And a quick guide on how to protect yourself from counterfeits
Filipinos are no strangers to counterfeits. We have all sorts of fakes or 'Class A' on full display in shopping centers across Greenhills and Divisoria. These products are cheap, and more often than not, they look a lot like the real thing
A rundown of what is arguably one of the most stylish naked bikes in our market
Husqvarna entered the Philippine market with a bang. The Swedish motorcycle brand arrived with a lineup packed with a handful of some of the most stylish lightweight naked bikes you can find.I was one of the many people who flocked to
Mastery of these drills will go a long way in making you a better rider
Learning how to ride a motorcycle is one thing. Getting good at it is another.Frankly, it's relatively easy to learn how to ride, as long as you can hold the machine you're using, shift gears when you need to,
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