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Effective July 1, 2022, full implementation of the Quezon City no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) will begin. Although the trial phase for the scheme began in October 2021, motorists caught disobeying traffic laws only received notices of violation, but were not yet
Here’s everything you need to know about deeds of sales for motor vehicles
We have all been there. We're up and ready to buy a new (to us) secondhand vehicle. We have cash in hand, and as we go up to shake the seller's hand, he instead turns over a piece of paper
It’s really not that difficult
A lost driver's license is any motorist's worst nightmare. In the few times that I myself have lost a wallet, I was fortunate enough my license never got lost with it.Never mind not being able to drive or ride
A full guide for anyone looking to buy a new shell
For motorcycle riders, the focus is almost always on the ride. Questions like "Which model is that?" "What's your dream bike?" or "Where have you been with your motorcycle?" are common enough that any rider probably has a ready answer for
Now open for public use
As far as recent local infrastructure goes, few if any are as impressive visually as the recently-opened Cebu Cordova-Link Expressway (CCLEX) down south.With a picturesque view of the waters surrounding Cebu City and Mactan Island, frankly, you couldn't
Is it finally time to make the jump?
Are you someone who's recently been considering shifting to an electric vehicle (EV)? You might still want to hold off on that a bit, because at the moment the Nissan Leaf is the only mass-market offering that runs solely on
When the inevitable happens
One of the most common motoring-related questions we lawyers get is from surviving family members who are stuck with a vehicle still registered in the name of the deceased relative: How can the LTO registration of these vehicles can be transferred
Here’s something that could help a lot of confused motorists
It's been a while since the government and tollway operators first pushed expressway users to make the switch to RFIDs. But judging by the long queues we still see at toll plazas, it appears there's still a lot of reluctance
It used to be the longest bridge in the country
Over the past few years, we've seen a number of new bridges and massive road networks pop up in Metro Manila. It has come to our attention, however, that the focus of some people-quite possibly the younger generation-might be
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