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Surprises might be waiting underneath
Some time back, a Jeep Wrangler and its owner took social media by storm after making mincemeat out of a waist-deep flood in Valenzuela. The vehicle dove straight into the floodwater Leeroy Jenkins-style, emerging unscathed on the other end to
They're for your own protection
Republic Act No. 10642 or the Philippine Lemon Law is an 'Act Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Purchase of Brand New Motor Vehicles,' which aims to promote full protection to the rights of consumers in the sale of motor vehicles against business
The winds of change are blowing in Romblon’s direction
China-made electric scooters have invaded the streets of Metro Manila. Lured primarily by these two-wheelers' affordable price, ease of use, and ability to weave through traffic, the owners probably don't give a damn about emissions standards. Dealers of these
Don't be stranded on the side of the road
Steep mountain roads can be quite strenuous on cars. During the summer season, many people will be driving to Baguio City. Readers have sent us photos from the most recent long weekend. In them, cars were lined up bumper-to-bumper, crawling
Always stay alert
Driving while you're sleepy is one of the most dangerous things you could do on the road. If you're feeling tired, or your eyes are starting to shut, it pays to pull over and take a short break. But should
It's safe to say that for working professionals, Holy Week is the most highly anticipated vacation of the year (at least next to Christmas and New Year). And we're not just speaking of the holiday's spiritual significance-it's
Enough with the stigma
The Philippine automotive world is filled with age-old stereotypes that refuse to die, from lady drivers to the supposed challenge of driving up to Baguio (even a Hyundai Eon can do it these days). One of the worst offenders that still
Learn to avoid these
Whether you're a normal, everyday driver or a performance enthusiast, we all want our cars to last longer. A big part of the car that's often overlooked is the car's transmission, which is a significant-and expensive-part of
Gotta know them all
Your car is not merely a metal box on four rubber donuts. It's a living, breathing machine whose oily guts require, uh, oil, for lubrication and power. These fluids need to be refilled and replaced to keep your car in tip-
It’s ‘overtaking only’ for a reason
Ah, highways. They're a wonderful place to drive, right? You have all the space in the world to take your car out for a spin (within the speed limit, of course). It's like an open playground for drivers.Well, not
A good investment?
For any car owner, keeping a car's paint pristine is always a challenge. The go-to solution has always been the tried and tested application of automotive wax from day one of purchase. Periodic applications (sometimes frequent reapplication) of the same
“How much do kidneys go for these days?”
If I recall correctly, it was back in 2015 when I first wrote about the Ferrari 488 Spider. The vehicle had just made its debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Turbocharged 3.9-liter V8, retractable hardtop, 660hp and 760Nm of
Keep these in mind
Investing in a vehicle is no laughing matter, and preparing a secure, sheltered space for your four-wheeler beforehand should be a priority. Take a drive around the city and you'll realize a lot of car owners don't really keep
You will encounter the gamut of human nature
In the old days, selling your car involved posting a classified ad in the newspaper. With the dawn of the Internet, however, the process was streamlined by various websites where sellers can very easily upload photos of their ride, and buyers can
Father knows best
It was the star attraction in the manga-based anime Initial D. It has attained classic status even before its elder brethren. This is the Toyota 'Hachi-Roku' as it is popularly known, which is a nickname derived from its internal AE86
A big no-no for car lovers
Just mentioning the words 'leaning' and 'car' in the same sentence sends bad vibes throughout my system. Among the top no-nos on my automotive pet-peeves list is when someone decides to shift his center of gravity and use my car'
And it’s a wonderful movie
There is a scene in La La Land where Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) helps Mia (Emma Stone) find her Toyota Prius by telling her to hold the the remote key to her chin. He told her this extends the range of the signal
Motorcycling is more strenuous than driving a car
Have you ever felt severe muscle pain during and after a long ride? Or struggled with the entire weight of your motorcycle while maneuvering through traffic? Do you encounter difficulty in shifting your body from side to side when attacking a corner
Passed on from one generation to the next
Toyota Sprinters these days are like collector's items, seeing as many of them have succumbed to time and rust. But there are still a few that ply the city streets, a reminder of days gone by.Stop by Alfred Motor Works
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