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There go our hopes of ever seeing the five-door in our market
The chances may be slim, but we know many of you are still wishing Honda Cars Philippines would eventually bring back the Civic Hatchback to its stable, especially with the recent arrival of the next-generation Civic. Well, now's not the
Powered by a tuned 1.4-liter turbocharged engine!
Whether we like it or not, the automotive industry is slowly moving toward electrification. Since this may be the last decade for pure internal combustion engines, we decided to make a modern hot hatch done the old school way: simple, lightweight, and
Add this to the list of reasons why we’d like to see it in our market
Hyundai calls the Casper a mini SUV, but just like the Suzuki S-Presso, it's basically just a subcompact hatchback. Does it really matter, though? It's quirky, it's got style, and most important, it's affordable. We're simply
Features include a new 1.0-liter engine and the Heartect platform
Ain't that fuel-consumption figure a sight for sore eyes given the price of gasoline these days? We did finally see a rollback this week, but prices per liter of fuel are still painful to swallow.So, the all-new Suzuki
The hatchback gets new wheels to go along with other aesthetic upgrades
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) is giving one of its best-selling models, the S-Presso, some changes for 2022. Meet the new Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition.This new variant of the popular hatchback gets a host of aesthetic upgrades. Most notable are
*Reports say the big reveal will be happening on November 10
It's been a while since we've heard any big updates about the Suzuki Celerio. Frankly, the tiny hatchback's been looking a bit dated for a while now, especially with the recent arrival of refreshed competitors, not to mention a
The hatch stickers for P1.195 million, while the crossover for P1.49 million
We've already run through the new hybrid offerings in Mazda Philippines' lineup, so it's time to get the lowdown on the gasoline-powered models that just received new faces.First up is the updated Mazda CX-3. This new crossover
This hot hatch wants commitment
What is love? At its most superficial, love is attraction, a powerful force that draws you in. It's looking at an object for the first time and seeing the toys you played with as a kid, the rally cars you idolized
The brand is in it for the long haul
In May this year, Nissan introduced the Leaf electric hatchback to the Philippine market. The debut was a long time coming, as it was one held off for quite a while because of the COVID-19 pandemic.When it finally arrived, the
It’s called the Fiesta Van, and it just received a few tech upgrades
Remember the Toyota Yaris that got the utility vehicle treatment? Well, it appears there's also a Ford Fiesta in that unusual mini-utility segment, and this one just received a few updates. Seriously, what's up with these carmakers turning hatchbacks
Need a starter car?
It isn't difficult to see why hatchbacks are among the top choices when it comes to first-time car buyers. They're efficient, easy to maneuver, and manageable when it comes to their size. And perhaps most important, there are plenty
Adding this to your short list?
Good news for buyers looking for a starter car on a budget. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is once again extending a handful of promo offers for the month of September, including a pretty sweet one for the Wigo.For the month of
Meet the Toyota Yaris Electric Hybrid Ecovan from Spain
Toyota making cargo versions of its vehicles is nothing new. In these parts, we've already seen workhorse versions of the Hilux and the Hiace. Heck, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) even built a bare-bones two-seat Avanza once.But if you
What would you add to this list?
As much as we love hatchbacks, we know that they aren't really sales drivers for many car brands here in our market. That's why we've already come to accept the fact that there are just some hatchbacks that'll
Does this hatchback have a place in our market?
Kia already unveiled the refreshed Forte in its home market of Korea a couple of months back, albeit photos were a bit scarce then. Now, the new sedan has made its way to the Australian market, and we finally get a proper
Which of these top-spec hatchbacks is the more ideal city car?
Considering how little love hatchbacks get here in our market, it's definitely a relief that there are still a few five-doors being sold here.Two good examples are the Honda Brio and the Toyota Wigo, arguably among the most dominant
The Japanese EV has just been launched locally
It may have taken a while, but the Nissan Leaf is finally here in the Philippines. You can buy the Japanese-made mass-market electric hatchback for P2.798 million, and for that amount, you're getting 311km of range, a zero-
Which of these three would you opt for?
We've seen the Toyota 86 shooting brake, and we've also seen the Honda Civic wagon. Now, if you fancied those concepts as much as we did, then we've a little treat for you.Brazil-based artist Kleber Silva, the
Mark your calendars
Finally, the Leaf has a launch date. Mark your calendars, people, because Nissan Philippines (NPI) has sent an official invitation for a local introduction for the electric vehicle set for May 9.Frankly, this has been a long time coming. The Japanese
We take a closer look to find out
The new Honda City Hatchback has "big tires to fill," as Top Gear Philippines editor-in-chief Dinzo Tabamo put it in our Launch Pad feature on the new hatch. Truer words have never been spoken.See, the Jazz-the OG hatch
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