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Heads up, car buyers
Planning to buy a brand-new Toyota? If you had your sights set on the Japanese brand's budget offering, the Wigo, you might have to make some adjustments to your finances.This is because Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has applied a
We really wish this thing would launch locally
When someone buys a kei car, the goal is usually to squeeze the most utility out of its pint-sized package. ESB, though, has other plans.The Japanese tuner has worked its magic on the all-new Suzuki Alto, slamming it to
That wing, though
The Honda Brio is a practical, quirky, and cute little thing. Perhaps even too cute for some people's taste.There are always ways, of course, to widen a ride's appeal. One of them is by fitting a vehicle with a
It’s the end of the line for this humble hatch
Well, this really is the end of an era: after rumors began circulating yesterday Ford has now confirmed that production of the Fiesta hatch will come to an end in June 2023, almost half a century after it started.In that time
That's over 200hp per liter
Audi describes this limited-edition hot hatch as a "true street artist", though it won't be painting a merry picture outside Europe because, um, you'll see why later.That's right, the most powerful production RS3 ever now bears
Simple and sure
Making a ride sporty doesn't necessarily have to involve spending thousands upon thousands on aftermarket bits. Sometimes, a simple dash of extra color is enough.Take the newly-introduced Toyota Corolla Infrared Edition in the US market, for example. All that'
Well, that was quick
Man, are the designers over at Mugen quick or what?The Honda accessory specialist has unveiled a host of new aesthetic upgrades for the 2023 Jazz (or Fit, whichever you prefer) barely a week after the refreshed hatch hit the internet. And
Living its best life over in Japan
Want a Honda Jazz in the Philippines? Since the hatchback has already been discontinued locally, your best shot at owning one now is our country's secondhand market. The model continues to live its best life over in Japan, though, where it
Should we get this in PH?
As a value-for-money proposition, the Suzuki S-Presso is definitely up there in local car rankings. That said, the tiny runabout isn't perfect, as it leaves something to be desired in terms of safety and features.The Japanese carmaker
Worth it?
As far as starter cars go, few in the industry carry a vibe as quirky as the Suzuki S-Presso's. A miniature form factor and memorable design make it an attractive alternative to the usual hatchbacks and sedans out there.Suzuki
Does size really matter?
Size matters in the Philippine auto market. You needn't look any further than our passion for pickup trucks and midsize SUVs for proof. This presents a problem in urban areas, though, where roads aren't exactly built to cater to their
That hatch is still something to behold
When it comes to the list of global releases we're hurt we didn't get locally, the western-spec Toyota Corolla is easily one of the top entries. Not only did markets like the US get a hatch version, but the
Here are our first impressions of the new hatchback
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) recently shook things up with the launch of the all-new Celerio. Its arrival marked the addition of yet another affordable offering to the carmaker's local lineup.The new Suzuki Celerio brings with it a highly fuel-efficient
This hatch has something that the quirky S-Presso doesn’t
Filipinos have been slowly gravitating toward bigger vehicles over the past few years, and for good reason. Budget-conscious car buyers wouldn't bother throwing money at a low-riding sedan that can fit five, when they know they can get a
Here are all the specs and details
What pops in your head when you hear the name Suzuki? It's usually one of two things: motorcycles, or pocket-sized cars that are also friendly on your wallet. Of course, we're here to talk to you about the latter.
At least that’s what all of us think
Toyota has been teasing its new hot hatch-the GR Corolla-over the past few months, albeit the carmaker has been doing it in a rather interesting manner. Just check the last teaser, and you'll see what we mean.Anyway, it
We might be seeing the launch happen real soon
Remember the next-generation Suzuki Celerio units that landed on our shores last month? Well, more photos of the all-new hatchback have surfaced. And this time, it appears they're now being transported somewhere in the Philippines.If we were to
Expect a launch in the near future
The local hatchback segment might soon get a boost from a new, next-generation competitor.Images of the all-new Suzuki Celerio on Philippine soil were recently sent to us, showing off the next-gen mini hatch in blue, silver, and red,
The look comes courtesy of Innovate Composites
The Honda e really does seem to be a neat canvas for builders, tuners, and even toymakers to play around with. Heck, even Honda itself has had its fair share of fun customizing its tiny EV.Now, yet another custom Honda e
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