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Non-compliant motorcycle companies face penalty
A road safety practice that's only voluntary among motorcycle riders may soon become mandatory.The House Committee on Transportation led by Catanduanes Rep. Cesar Sarmiento has approved House Bill 1318 that will make headlights turned on mandatory for all motorcycles on
These are crazy bright
You know how you're always griping about running into motorists with their high beams on? Well, just thank God that these babies aren't available here yet.Texas Instruments (TI) unveiled its new Digital Light Processing (DLP) tech at the 2018
Is this something to worry about?
Good day, sir. I would like to seek your advice and expertise regarding moisture and condensation in the headlights of my newly bought Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS Premium. It happens every time it rains or during car-wash day.I brought it
They serve a very useful function
Nope, it's not a photon blaster waiting to pulverize whatever's in your way or a mechanized grappling hook and cable that will shoot out to save you when your car falls off a cliff. What's inside that usually rectangular
Light is might
Dimly-lit roads are a common thing here in the Philippines-especially in the province, where local governments seem to mistake motorists for nocturnal animals capable of seeing hundreds of meters ahead in pitch black darkness. Where was I when they were
We hope authorities can address them
After much confusion, authorities have finally suspended the Anti-Distracted Driving law. Its enforcement came to a halt after mounting calls, from both senators and everyday motorists, for government agencies to get their act together before dictating what and what not to
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