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How special is this car?
Many people consider growing old as a curse. But if you're more positive about life or have actually stared death in the face, you'd know that blowing out another birthday candle is something to be grateful for. In fact, you
Only 6 pieces to be made
For a limited-edition timepiece created to mark the arrival of a brand-new car, it doesn't get any more exclusive than this. To celebrate the production of the final six Jaguar Lightweight E-Type cars, the British carmaker has partnered
The remaining 6 units
In May, Jaguar announced that it would continue the production of the last six units of its aluminum-bodied Lightweight E-Type, 50 years after it stopped the car's production with only 12 of the planned 18-unit run having been
Last one was assembled in 1964
Fifty years after Jaguar produced the 12th aluminum-bodied Lightweight E-Type in 1964, the British carmaker is finally completing the planned 18-car run by assembling the so-called "missing" six units.With the six designated chassis numbers previously lying dormant,
At its museum in Maranello
The Ferrari 250 is arguably the Italian carmaker's most cherished model, with well-restored examples of it often going for millions of dollars. As a matter of fact, one specimen--a 250 GTO--was sold in 2010 for £12 million (over
Ford is killing the brand at the end of 2010
On October 8, 1938, the Ford Motor Company launched the Mercury Eight. The brainchild of Henry Ford's son Edsel, the car sold a total of 70,385 units for the 1939 model year. It seemed that the company had at
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