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The 2.0-liter turbo has a 10-speed gearbox
The all-new Honda Accord has been unveiled. The Japanese carmaker revealed the 10th-generation midsize sedan in Detroit, in what it calls a 'redefining' moment for one of the best-selling cars in the US.With its new look, Honda turned
The executive's choice
During one of those family lunches, I was seated next to one of my cousins. "What are you driving now?" I asked."An Accord," he replied. "Because you recommended it."I had forgotten that I did, but I was flattered nonetheless. In
Including LaneWatch technology
Honda Cars Philippines has announced that the refreshed Accord is now available in the Philippines. The Japanese carmaker's executive sedan now sports a sportier and more premium look, as well as additional interior and convenience features to go along with the
Still a solid choice in the midsize segment
Testing cars over the holiday break can be a fascinating task because of the varied traffic conditions. You have the crushing gridlock as the days lead up to Christmas. There's the slight ease in congestion as people go out of town,
Old Accords, Civics and Pilots
Airbags--they're all that's keeping your face from being planted into your steering wheel or dashboard in the event of a collision. That said, last year's slew of airbag-related malfunctions and recalls shook the entire auto industry. And
Revised and equipped with cool toys
Since its introduction in 1976, the Honda Accord has been steadily moving up in terms of size and features. Starting life out as a compact hatch (can you imagine?), the Accord has evolved into a midsize sedan. It has even spawned coupe
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