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Two models we're excited about
When we get word that a new car or variant has been launched, the Top Gear PH crew springs into action to get the story. If we're lucky, we get to see the new vehicle up close thanks to its local
The eagle has landed
You might have seen a photo circulating recently, showing a white Honda Civic Type R inside a large wooden crate. Based on that picture alone, it was hard to determine if it was indeed taken in the Philippines. This corroborates our theory
We love it already
We've driven the sedan, we've seen the hatch, and now it looks like Honda has saved the best for last. The Japanese carmaker has unveiled the all-new Civic Type R prototype a couple of days ahead of the 2016
Featuring the iconic Civic SiR
The Honda Civic nameplate is like your favorite song from childhood--it's the tune you'll never grow tired of listening to. It's the song that you will forever associate with fond motoring memories. It's the soundtrack of your
We witness its launch in Japan
In the pantheon of Japanese performance cars, there is a special place reserved for the Honda Civic Type R. Its first version came out in 1997 with the revered Civic EK chassis, and from then on gearheads have coveted it with a
Featuring the US-market model
It's been barely a month since the latest 10th-generation Honda Civic was unveiled in the US market. At that time, the world got to see what the new car looked like, yet a few important details remained unanswered, especially pertaining
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