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Sub-P1 million rides that parents will love
Parenthood is one of those pivotal 'adulting' milestones that comes with a lot of baggage. Literal baggage. Diapers, clothes, cleaning supplies, toys and strollers take up a lot of in-car real estate.  With new laws mandating the use of car seats 
Many of these are still around
Alright, so maybe the 2000s is still relatively fresh in our memories compared to the other two decades we've featured in our college cars roundups. After all, there's still a '90s NBA player or two that remain active in the
Space, comfort and improved looks
A few years ago, a Honda Cars Philippines manager told me that for every Jazz they sold, roughly three City sedans would be snapped up by customers. I get that the City is a great subcompact sedan, but the disparity still felt
It’s a pretty unique union
Living with someone who's extremely passionate about cars is quite peculiar. You might have already read about him here. One minute he's kissing you good morning, the next he's out the door to check on his ride, as if
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