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The Japanese brand is trying to catch up to its competitors
More reasons to want this scooter back in Honda’s local lineup
Need any more reasons the Scoopy should be back in Honda's local roster? What about this: a new set of stylish colors that's now been rolled out for 2023. We swear we were just talking about this popular scooter a
Grab one while you can
So, the all-new Honda Civic Type R is now available in the Philippines. If the hot hatch's supply situation in Japan is any indication, though, it might not be for much longer.In a statement released on its official Japanese
The next-gen hot hatch finally hits the market
Well, how about that? There were rumors surrounding the potential arrival of the all-new Honda Civic Type R this week. Now, it's finally here. Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) during its media thanksgiving party at Karrera Showroom in Alabang surprised us
The annual Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is one of the biggest automotive showcases the country of Japan has to offer. That said, you need to do a lot if you want to stand out from the rest of the show's exhibitors.
’80s icons modernized for the electric age
Top Gear Philippines' associate editor Sharleen Banzon pitched the idea of reviving the original '80s-era City hatchback and its tiny Motocompo 'trunk bike' companion after she discovered the Sundiro Honda S07 was still too big for a compact SUV.As a
Cross your fingers, guys
It looks like fanboys won't have to wait for the all-new Honda Civic Type R to drop locally much longer.A Honda sales agent we spoke to recently has revealed that the next-generation Civic Type R will be launching
Who doesn’t love a good kei car?
We've said it before here on Top Gear Philippines, but this latest news makes us want to shout it from the rooftops once more: kei cars are awesome. They're fantastic. Just great. They're so quintessentially Japanese, yet we pray
Let’s break things down, shall we?
Seven-seaters. Boy, do Filipinos love these. Especially the more affordable ones. It's no wonder segments like the subcompact SUV continue to thrive.Over the past couple of years, we saw a lot of budget-friendly people-haulers land in our
These electric two-wheelers have just been unveiled in China
Honda's quest to launch 10 electric motorcycles by 2025 has begun, and boy, what a start it is. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has now unveiled a trio of new e-bikes in China, and we reckon these will have a lot
Some choices will surprise you
Yes, it's the cheap-fun-car hero, as packed to the gunwales with fresh excitement as tired anecdotes. It was a car journalist's idea. Miata is always the answer. It's basically the British recipe for a fun roadster; just
Like the name?
Sony Honda Mobility. The idea's there, but clearly, a moniker that long has no shot of fitting being condensed into a car badge. Not surprisingly, the two companies have condensed their mobility partnership into a new name: AFEELA.What's it
Which of these subcompact crossovers offers the best value for money?
The subcompact-crossover segment is arguably one of the most loaded segments in the market right now. A lot of customers-first-time buyers or otherwise-are now looking to these vehicles for their next purchases because of their near-SUV size
This might be the time to pull the trigger
If you're currently holding off on getting the current-generation Honda City because of the brand's recent price changes, it's time to reconsider. We say this because Honda Cars Philippines is now offering the model with a sizable discount.
Some of these are pretty steep
Planning to buy a Honda soon? Well, this news is going to sting-particularly if you've already made your mind up on driving home a brand-new HR-V.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has made some significant changes to its local
What’s your budget?
First thing first: We're not using 'cheap' as a derogatory term here. We're referring to these cars' price tags. Got it?With that out of the way, you're in the right place if you're shopping for a brand-
What will they think of next?
JAS Motorsport has a fairly successful recent history with Honda Civic Type R touring cars. Its previous generation helped Honda to become FIA World Touring Car Champions, while partner teams that raced the FK8 secured 397 TCR race wins across the world.
Here are solid secondhand cars with strong resale value
When it comes to resale value, most folks will mention Toyota as an automaker that generally resists depreciation. We won't blame them for that, especially given the brand's reputation for reliability and dependability. But that doesn't mean Toyota is
The country’s best-selling scooter has been revamped
In case you missed it, Honda Philippines (HPI) officially added yet another new model in its lineup to start the year: the all-new Honda Click 125. This rounds up what has been a very busy year for HPI, with huge launches
Is the price increase worth it?
The difference in price between the base-level and mid-spec 2023 Honda HR-V is pretty significant. To be exact, the latter is P399,000 more expensive-but it does have one major advantage over its more affordable sibling in the
Eyeing one?
Honda Philippines closes out the year with a major motorcycle launch-the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has officially unveiled the 2023 Honda Click 125, priced at P80,900.The scooter will be manufactured in Honda's Batangas facility.Powering the 2023 iteration of
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