We reckon it’ll make for a good transport alternative in Metro Manila, too
Try and imagine an electric kick scooter and an all-terrain vehicle rolled into one portable skateboard. Hard, isn't it? That's okay-skateboards weren't meant to go where only 4x4s and ATVs can, anyway, so you probably haven't
Ambitious, but gorgeous timepieces
The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most grueling motorsports events on earth, and if you've ever seen Ford v Ferrari, then you can understand just how big a deal it is. As an homage to the legendary
This eight-in-one helmet aims to save you money and storage space
Next to the motorcycle itself, the thing that really excites a rider is the helmet. We've heard tales of wannabe riders buying a helmet before they can even get hold of a bike.This might be because the local market is
It’s so hot now
In case you didn't know, the Philippines apparently has no summer season-the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) says our country only experiences either wet or dry season. And if you're one of the people finding the
You can dress up like Bond on a budget with these pieces
A bespoke tuxedo. A Walther PPK. An Aston Martin. These are just a few of the essential accessories of everyone's favorite secret agent, James Bond. But 007 is also known to always brandish one essential tool during his missions: a reliable,
Because Metro Manila is noisy
Cars aren't the only things we're big on here at Top Gear PH-we're pretty fond of gadgets and accessories, too. I, for one, am a sucker for good earphones and headphones. But ever since I got my first
The longest between an automotive brand and a watchmaker
Bentley and Breitling have simultaneously launched the Continental GTC Mulliner and the Breitling Premier Bentley Mulliner Limited Edition to celebrate their 17-year partnership that officially began in 2003, when the automotive brand commissioned the watchmaker to craft a dashboard clock befitting
Meet the BMW M Motorsport RS-X³
Among big-name sneaker brands, Puma is often first-to-mind when it comes to motorsports and racing. While it's not uncommon for other brands to take inspiration from cars-Jordan Brand has had a long history of that-Puma's
There’s a 1:1 scale model, too
The Fiat 500 isn't exactly a household name around these parts-Italy's tiny four-seat runabout never planted its wheels on our side of the globe. Ask around in Europe, though, and people will tell you the humble two-door
*Or your wallets
Lego has really outdone itself lately with recent releases like the all-new Land Rover Defender and the most iconic superhero car in cinema history. Gearheads are grateful, but in case you or your kid want to take a break from cars
From watchmaker Rado
Tired of waiting for your significant other to arrive on dates? Here's an idea: Why not buy him or her a watch this coming Valentine's Day?If you like the sound of that suggestion, Rado-a brand that prides itself
Brian May has been an avid wearer of the Japanese brand for decades
Sing it with us now: "I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?"If you didn't suddenly break out in operatic song when you read those words, then we can't be friends. Queen
That’s some pretty intense attention to detail
First of all, click play and admire the wonderous realism of someone's handiwork. What you are witnessing is a mini 3D-printed Oldsmobile that moves, sounds, and looks like an actual car due to some incredible engineering. And a lot of
They’re packed with tech
At Baselworld 2019, Citizen announced limited-production editions of its flagship lineup of sports watches. Promaster, the pinnacle of the company's technical innovations, was launched in 1989 for the demanding use of sportsmen and professionals.Meanwhile, Citizen's Aqualand line was
It’s limited to 250 pieces
Designs that stand the test of time endure because they remain relevant and constantly desired. When two companies that create unrelated products and have rich histories of iconic design decide to borrow from each other's styling details, admirers of both brands
*Well it’s actually P46,990
All my friends know me as an Apple fanboy. I have multiple Apple gadgets, I visit Apple stores when I'm abroad, and I eagerly watch the main Apple keynotes every year as if they're Star Wars sequels (and compared to
But does it run as fast as the brand’s bikes do?
Tech, as in gadgets, and the world of performance vehicles have more in common than is apparent at first glance. Both rely on expert design and engineering to bring the most out of a product, and speed is of utmost importance whether
It’s a new lightweight noise-insulating material
For quite a while now, Nissan has remained one of the leaders in the electric vehicle (EV) market-thanks in part to its best-selling model, the Leaf. As the Japanese carmaker enters a new decade, it aims to build on its
Autobots, roll out!
Holidays sure do give you a lot of free time, don't they? During one of our recent idle moments sometime between Christmas and New Year, we stumbled upon this story that should prove pretty fascinating for you gearheads.There are fans,
Did you buy any of these sets?
Some of us moved up to four wheels from playing video games, while others may have started off with RCs or scale models. Regardless of what sparked our passion for automobiles, we're all still just kids at heart-albeit with much
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