See the driver's cockpit!
Last Friday, we posted on our Facebook page a photo of a pedicab crafted to look like a mini Hummer. The thing is so cute that the photo got more than 30,000 likes and 1,300 shares.Now, the person who
Top 10 countries with most Hummer units
Remember the Korean-made Mercedes-Benz MB100 vans that were popular in the '90s? Do you recall how ubiquitous they were during that era? What happened to all of them? One can't say they just became old. A lot of '90s-
The Asian Hummer H1
We here at Top Gear Philippines have been very vocal about our distaste for Japanese surplus vehicles that are dumped into our country and gladly received by unscrupulous Filipino car smugglers who sell them at a profit. We disapprove of these cars
Because she really, really loves him
Apparently, it pays to be Kris Aquino's best friend, because she gives her best friend expensive SUVs. That's right: While the rest of us gift our closest of buddies with, um, a CD or a book, Kris blesses her BFF (
Would you want to live in one?
Architectural firm Hodgetts + Fung has done numerous high-profile projects in Los Angeles, including the restoration and renovation of iconic landmarks like the Hollywood Bowl and the Egyptian Theatre. Its latest project? Turning eight Hummer H2s into a house.The idea to
Quick links to web finds<br />
Here are quick links to some of the hottest stories we found on the web. 1. Man gets buried under BMW M3 tombstone - Some people get buried under a simple marble headstone while some get interred in a mausoleum. For Steve Marsh,
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