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Check out the existing and upcoming government EV policies and programs
According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), vehicle emissions account for 69% of air pollution in the Philippines, 90% of which come from Metro Manila alone.In a bid to increase the purchase and use of electric vehicles in
Is it time to ditch conventional engines?
Another vehicle has joined the ranks of sleek, eco-conscious offerings. Remember the all-new Toyota Corolla hatchback we reported earlier in the year? Well, a hybrid version is on the way and it will likely be just as easy on the
BYD unveils 'multi-layered electrified transportation solutions'
Two new clean transport alternatives have arrived in the Philippines in the form of the BYD Tang Super Sport and E5 electric vehicle (EV). The vehicles were revealed during the launch of the company's multi-layered electrified transportation solutions. And they
Toyota's grand electric plan
Toyota has big plans regarding electric and hybrid technology heading into the next decade. Just how big is the Japanese auto giant's electric dream? Well, it's aiming for more than half of its new-vehicle sales to come from electric
A close encounter with the Honda Clarity FCV
A day after I get back from covering the Tokyo Motor Show, a friend of mine asks, "Hey, you also went to that Honda track, right? What did you drive there?""The latest Clarity," I reply, "but it was only for a
One of three models of the Clarity line
It's been for some time now that the Clarity has ceased being a purely fuel-cell vehicle. The all-new successor to the original FCX Clarity debuted at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show still with a fuel-cell powertrain, but earlier
They need all the help they can get
Recently, the local automotive industry was ruffled by news that the Department of Finance's (DOF) tax reform package-which includes an increase in automotive and fuel taxes-had passed the House Committee on Ways and Means. It didn't help that
An electrified Mustang?
Sales of EVs and hybrids have grown thanks to smarter tech, longer driving ranges, and an image boost courtesy of premium models and greener supercars. As consumer interest in these vehicles grow, carmakers like Ford are responding by expanding its range of
Good looks, even better efficiency
Remember the Kia Niro? It's the handsome hybrid utility vehicle (HUV) the Korean carmaker released earlier this year. Well, the electric/gasoline-powered vehicle managed to set a new world record for lowest fuel consumption during a drive from Los Angeles
A luxury coupe with a hybrid powertrain
In the brand's recognizable luxury and style, Lexus Manila launched its booth at the 2016 Philippine International Motor Show with a spectacle that would've looked right at home on the fashion catwalks of Milan. Once the veil was pulled back
And it can still hit 278kph
It feels like there's a new Porsche weekly at the moment. This week's is the new plug-in hybrid Panamera, or the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid to give it its full title.Differences over the old hybrid extend beyond the
More than just green revelations
The inspiration for this article hit me somewhere in the northernmost tip of Luzon. The road had crested, and we caught our first glimpse of the massive wind turbine farms. Their sheer magnificence left us speechless knowing we were still 15km out
We tested it in Japan
Notice a lot of fender benders recently? The combination of terrible gridlock and drivers either bored out of their skulls, or bone-tired after a long day-maybe both-is resulting in a lot of slow collisions. We don't need to
Available in Japan market for now
While Subaru has built a reputation for building rally replicas like the Impreza WRX STI, it's still volume sellers like the XV that drive sales inside showrooms. Like its Forester stablemate, the XV combines the versatility and ruggedness of an SUV
As thrifty as 50km/L
We all know how amazing the new BMW 7-Series is. It's the kind of car that offers futuristic technologies wrapped in a contemporary design that will wow just about anyone who lays eyes on it. And it will make tech
At least in Germany for now
Leave it to Audi to always be at the forefront of vehicle technology. The German premium car brand is at the top of the heap when it comes to all-wheel-drive innovation with its Quattro system. Then there's the vaunted
This is one good-looking HUV
To say that Korean carmakers are on a roll seems like a gross understatement. The new Elantra continues Hyundai's approach in coming up with stunning designs, while Kia has been churning out cool cars like the new Sportage and Optima. And
It could be in production by 2020
For most of us, the future is all about making plans, setting goals, and envisioning our lives 10 or 20 years down the line. For Porsche, however, the future can be summed up in two simple words: Mission E.The Mission E
So, what makes it special?
The world is no stranger to hybrid vehicles. We've heard of nameplates like the Chevrolet Volt, the Honda Insight and, of course, the Toyota Prius. Now, Hyundai is set to join the fray with its innovative Ioniq hybrid.The sleek and
You have to watch to believe
Chinese cars, for the most part, are still regularly looked down upon as being poor in quality. Despite this, there are still a model or two worth checking out. Like the BYD Qin hybrid sedan, for instance.Don't let this Chinese
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