Is it finally time to make the jump?
Are you someone who's recently been considering shifting to an electric vehicle (EV)? You might still want to hold off on that a bit, because at the moment the Nissan Leaf is the only mass-market offering that runs solely on
One patent filing suggests it’s possible
In March, Toyota got Southeast Asia hyped up with the unveiling of an Innova EV. Granted, the clean-running MPV shown off at the 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) was only in its conceptual phase, but still.Patent filings in India,
Here’s why you should consider getting a hybrid car
Hybrid cars have been available on the local market for a long time. Despite this, there are a lot of questions that permeate any discussion when it comes to hybrids. From misconceptions to practical considerations, we have heard it all, and like
It’s cleaner to drive, too
Yes, we know that we first saw this eleventh-generation Honda Civic hatch in June last year, and we also know that it has been on sale for quite a while already. However, what you're looking at here is the hybrid-
This is one of two all-new crossovers bound for Europe in 2023
Honda has announced that it'll bring two new crossovers to market in Europe next year, with one described as an all-electric B-segment SUV (see above) and the other a larger, hybrid-engined C-segment SUV (see below).The full
It sure looks like one, especially with fuel prices continuing to go up
As fuel prices continue to soar by the week, it's high time that we all go electric. Unfortunately, our market isn't particularly big on EVs just yet. But what we do have right now are hybrids-both the self-charging
Another Toyota goes hybrid
Late last month, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) announced that it would soon be introducing the 2022 RAV4 hybrid in the local market. Well, it appears the manufacturer has decided not to make a spectacle of the vehicle's arrival, as the compact
Another addition to the brand’s local HEV lineup
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is making a determined push for hybrids in the local auto industry. The latest model from the brand to come available as a hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV)? None other than the RAV4.The Japanese car brand has announced
The next-gen plug-in hybrid is already getting recognition
A little over a month after its official release, the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is already getting accolades. The plug-in hybrid has now been awarded the Technology Car of the Year at the 2021 Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY)
In Europe, at least
Is the local Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid a cleaner alternative to its gasoline-powered competitors? Sure. But with a humble 120hp on tap, it isn't exactly blowing many other crossovers away when it comes to numbers.Over in Europe, this isn'
Would you like to see this in PH?
Suzuki's done a bang-up job keeping its sales steady the past couple of years thanks to models like the Ertiga, Jimny, and Celerio-all staples on local roads by now. That said, it would be cool to see the company
A look we can get behind
Kia has really stepped up its design game since it revamped its branding over a year ago. Since then, we've seen stunners like the EV6 and the all-new Sportage show off the carmaker's new aesthetics. Now, add the next-
“A mature and sensible addition to the tightly packed crossover landscape”
This is the new third generation of the Honda HR-V, which started out back in 1998 as a super-cool, three-door soft-roader for the surfing crowd, went quiet for seven years, then came back as a slightly more conventional
Which 1,000hp beast are you betting on?
The Tesla Model S Plaid is one hell of an electric vehicle. It boasts 1,020hp and does 0-97kph in under 2sec. It's basically a supercar/hypercar killer with four doors and plenty of space for both passengers and cargo.
In case you want to clean up your act
Any luxury car buyers here looking to go green? Thankfully, Maserati's latest Philippine release is fit for those trying to make the shift.Moderna Motorsports, Maserati's official local distributor, has just introduced the Ghibli Hybrid for our market. Besides the
Reckon this would make the truck a viable option in Metro Manila?
Need another reason why we need Ford's hybrids in our market? Here's one: They're highly fuel-efficient. A good example is the American carmaker's new compact pickup, the Maverick.The version with solely an internal combustion engine can
The two come with P1.695 million and P1.99 million price tags, respectively
Mazda Philippines dropped a big announcement today as it revamps its roster with the 2022 Mazda Premium Collection. The revised lineup now features four new offerings: mild-hybrid versions of the 3 and the CX-30, and the refreshed 2 and the
Look familiar?
If you liked the look of the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander when it was revealed earlier this year, then you're going to love the all-new Outlander PHEV-because they look very, very similar.The Japanese car manufacturer showed off the
Why not an electric one, though?
Remember when the idea of flying cars was absurd? Yeah, it's been a while since that was the case. These days, it seems like everyone is trying to build one, though they're now technically called vertical take-off and landing (
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