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Alongside the Wigo, we presume
A source recently told us that the all-new Wigo is about to arrive in the Philippines in July. That's not all that we got, though, as we were also informed that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) could potentially be launching the
What it is holding is the release of new units
Nissan Philippines (NPI) recently issued a statement regarding the widespread air-conditioning issues of the Kicks crossover.In case you missed it, the A/C systems of several Nissan Kicks units in our market are apparently affected by cooling issues. This is
One of the sickest-looking Prius you’ll ever see
We've seen a few modified Toyota Priuses over the hybrid hero's 25-year lifespan, but none have ever looked quite like this. This is Japanese tuner T-Demand's take on the brand-new fifth-gen Prius, a car that (
A break from tradition
The sixteenth-generation Crown is practically a reboot of the venerable and longest-running passenger car nameplate in the Toyota stable. When it was first shown about a year ago, the company said there would be four versions of the car. It
As a guide for its enforcers
Slowly but surely, the list of hybrid and electric vehicles is growing in the country. That also means that more of these cars are exempt from the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program, also known as the number/color coding scheme. That's
Oh, how we wish it was a global update
When it comes to sense and practicality, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is a bit of a no-brainer in the subcompact crossover class. It's reasonably spacious, good on gas, has a large trunk, and predictably reliable. But one thing you
The subcompact crossover wars just got more heated
It seems that the Patrol isn't the only all-new model Nissan is preparing for launch soon. At the opposite end of the size spectrum is the Nissan Kicks, and it looks like the second-generation might be revealed sooner than
The CR-V plugs in to the future
We're looking forward to the next-generation Honda CR-V landing here someday. With the prospect of that 1.5-liter turbo and the possibility of a hybrid, the sixth-generation CR-V is a bold new step for Honda's
From STI to STe?
If you're a child of the '80s and the '90s, then you were witness to Subaru's high-flying days in the World Rally Championship. Those sliding Imprezas left a strong impression to anyone who watch it take on rally stages,
If the company’s new timeline is to be believed
Reports about Mitsubishi's plans to launch a new hybrid Xpander came out as early as November 2020. Several months after that, the company confirmed it when it revealed its future electrification plans, even going so far as saying the new model
This is big news for pickups and SUVs
In a country that has been rather hesitant to shift to hybrids and EVs, the sales success of the Nissan Kicks e-Power shows a glimmer of hope for electrification here. With the promise of 'no-charge' EVs, it seems that the
An 80km drive from Cavite to Laguna, to be exact
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) started the year strong with the launch of the new Ertiga Hybrid. Basically, you take the Japanese carmaker's most popular MPV and put an extra battery with an electric motor in it to turn it into a mild
Please Nissan, bring back the Sentra here
It's been a while since we had the Nissan Sentra in the Philippines. The name was retired here in 2014 with the Sylphy taking over its place. While Nissan came up with witty marketing exercises for it, people were still looking
For the eco-conscious taipan
Maybach has revealed its first ever plug-in hybrid car, and it is this: the Mercedes-Maybach S580e.Taking the drivetrain from its S-Class equivalent, the hybrid Maybach matches a turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six engine with an electric motor
Still think plug-in hybrids are boring?
I haven't had the chance to fully eulogise about the Ferrari 296 GTB. It is many of the things we now blithely expect a new Ferrari to be: beautifully developed and offering so much performance you really do wonder how much
The grille looks quite normal
BMW has given the X5 and X6 a mid-life update, and in a pleasing turn-up for the books, it hasn't messed it up.It's pretty standard facelift fare, if we're honest. On the outside there are new
The V8-engined, 604hp GLE63S is still one of those hybrids, though
Mercedes has given its GLE and GLE Coupe SUVs matching facelifts for 2023, and the headline news is that every powertrain on offer in Europe is now a hybrid of some form.We'll run through said powertrains first as if we'
More big Toyota-related news, also from Down Under
So we've just received big news from Australia that the next-generation Hilux could debut in a few years. That's not the only big announcement from Down Under today, though.According to a separate report by CarsGuide, Toyota Australia vice
What say you, purists?
No factory Corvette has ever been this fast. Or this electrified. Marking 70 years of one of the world's most famous car names comes a bit of a shock: the all-wheel-drive, hybrid Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray.Yes, it's
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