For a brand you’ve probably never heard of
Kincsem. Doesn't ring a bell, does it? We didn't think so. Not many startups do. Ian Callum, though? Now there's a name that many of you are probably familiar with.The former Jaguar and Aston Martin designer has been
But the carmaker’s are still deciding how to execute their next iterations
Porsche's CEO has confirmed that the 718 will be replaced, but his firm hasn't yet decided whether to power the new Boxster and Cayman by electricity or gasoline. And he says there will be a 918 Spyder successor.Some 18
Each of the 30 units to be produced will cost €2.6 million
This is the new Pagani Huayra R, which in normal automotive terms could be unenthusiastically described as the 'range-topping variant.' We're not, however, talking about a normal automotive product.So. This is the new Pagani Huayra R, also known as
“This is performance that transcends speed, that’s as much theatrical as physical”
This is, by some distance, the most complicated car Lamborghini has ever produced. Yes, it's shown us the Terzo Millennio with its batteries-for-body-panels and the V10 plug-in hybrid Asterion in the past, but both of those were
He’s set the bar way high for the mere mortals among us
As presents go, this certainly trumps a generic bouquet of flowers with a hastily written message card. This is a one-off Bugatti Chiron Sport-the harder, lighter, track-honed Chiron-"ordered by a husband as a gift for his wife." Yup,
Limited to 10 units, each priced at €8 million or roughly P466 million
That great lump of unobtanium scaffolding in the images here will eventually Megazord into: a) a rolling homage to Roman Artioli's underappreciated EB110 from the '90s; and, b) something capable of inflicting a Streetfighter II-style 'Perfect' on your wallet.That
We can’t wait to see these in action
The Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) Yaris, even in its stock form, is easily one of the gnarliest-looking hatchbacks in recent memory. In full-on rally guise, though? The vehicle is downright menacing.The Japanese car manufacturer's performance wing has previewed
Fifty units are available for €2.9 million—or P170.9 million—each
The story of the Aspark Owl-and its claim to being the world's fastest accelerating car-is a rather long and secretive tale. The all-electric Japanese hypercar was first unveiled years ago and has been consistently updated by the Aspark
It’s been a long time coming
At last-the Mercedes-AMG One is really, almost, very nearly, ready.AMG has revealed that the proper Formula 1-engined hypercar originally revealed way back in the BeforeTimes (2017)-featuring Lewis Hamilton's championship-winning 1.6-liter turbo-hybrid V6,
“About as delicate as a wrecking ball to the face”
You're looking at the first production prototype of the Hennessey Venom F5, the long-awaited 300mph+ (483kph+) all-American hypercar, and-spoiler alert-it doesn't disappoint. Let's start with the F5 name, derived from the Fujita tornado intensity scale,
Yes, that really is its name. Scoot over, LaFerrari
Vaporware-o-meters at the ready, people, as here's another ambitious supercar startup that wants to plug a niche with a load of money and yet another headline-grabbing 1,000hp+ hypercar. So, without further ado, please be upstanding for 'The
Same crazy performance as the SF90 Stradale, with less roof
Ferrari has taken the wraps off its new SF90 Spider with an online reveal straight out of Maranello, and we now bring you the details we've learned firsthand. You'll recognize the numbers from the Stradale version: 0-100kph in 2.
Unit 100 of 100
A little over three years. That's how long it took for all the Pagani Huayra Roadsters ever made to make their way to their owners. Sounds like a relatively sluggish pace, until you take into account three things.First, only 100
All new cars need to go through crash tests, and that includes even the most expensive of hypercars ever built. It may not look pretty, but it's part of standard procedure in order for carmakers to know just how safe (or
And a hyper-light curb weight of 1,240kg
It's a question we've all figuratively asked but never thought we'd get answered: What would happen if Bugatti made an extreme track-only, lightweight hypercar? Wonder no more. This is the Bugatti Bolide, Molsheim's 1,825hp, 1,240kg,
Along with a color-matched wallbox
We suspect the last thing the buyer of a £2-million (P127.4 million) hypercar needs is free fuel. But the lucky blighters who've ordered a Pininfarina Battista are about to get exactly that.Yep. Sink that eye-watering sum into
What a crowdsourced hypercar looks like
Ford has revealed a new shape-shifting car called the Team Fordzilla P1.The Team Fordzilla P1 appears to be a two-seat hypercar, although no concrete details have been confirmed at this early stage; it's set for a full-scale
What a day
Hard to believe I know, but yes...lucky me. On a smoking hot Sicilian afternoon, I was handed the keys to a €5-million Bugatti Divo and told to go drive on part of the actual route of the Targa Florio road
The F1 car for the road is ready for high-speed tests
With the likes of the Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie and the Gordon Murray T.50 hogging all the supercar limelight of late, it's about time we heard from AMG's contender.The Mercedes-AMG One, first revealed way back in
Form and function go hand in hand here
Gordon Murray is sitting in the T.50. I'm kneeling at the door. Feels kind of like I'm worshipping at the altar. And today's first reading is taken from the book of pedals."I did the stress calculations for
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