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The cars that defined the bedroom posters of a generation
Whether you're a child of the '90s, a 2000s kid, or you're the spawn of the 2010s, there's a Bugatti hypercar for your generation.Each of them shares four common traits: four turbochargers, four-wheel drive, a carbon-fiber
“It had to be a have-your-cake-and-eat kind of car, no compromises”
The Koenigsegg Gemera, in case you've forgotten, was the star of the recently canceled Geneva International Motor Show. Okay, it was the only car at the recently canceled Geneva International Motor Show, on account of Koenigsegg refusing to leave until it
It looks astonishing
Well that's quite a sight, isn't it? If the Aston Martin Valkyrie has thus far seemed a little too otherworldly to get excited about-a track-focused hypercar with a 1,160hp output and 11,100rpm redline seems almost too
And there's an awesome SUV version
Oops, kinda missed this one, though we're not entirely sure how we missed it. What with there being no actual roof. This, friends, is the Bandini Dora, and it's here to blow your mind and perhaps rearrange your hair into
Its top speed is over 300kph
While Apex, manufacturers of this AP-0, trumpet its speed, performance, and lightness, there is high mention of lidar tech. Therefore, obliged by the Law of Austin Powers, we must instead trumpet that this car has frickin' laser beams.Yep. Lasers. On
The Rimac C_Two EV is mind-boggling
We are here, in a small village just outside Zagreb in Croatia, to drive one of the prototypes of the Rimac C_Two EV hypercar with 1,887hp and 2,297Nm of torque, a 0-100kph time under 2sec, a 415kph top speed,
Check out those wheels, too
The car with the wildest wing in the world is back. Yep, the Zenvo TSR-S has been given a raft of updates to make sure this 1,177hp Koenigsegg rival is still relevant in the fast-moving (in more ways than
This could be the best-spec’d Elva we’ve seen so far
The McLaren Elva is an 804hp, roofless, windshield-less supercar. It already belongs in the top 1% of stunning and striking road cars. So, just how on earth do you improve it?Well, McLaren's Special Ops team seem to have found
A P170.3-million, 1,479hp drivers’ hypercar
Where the Bugatti Chiron Sport 300+ blitzed the top-speed run-and broke records and the hearts of rivals in the process-so this new Chiron is built for blitzing corners. It is officially called the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, and you
It’s not too late
Warning: What you are about to see isn't some bored teenager's bedroom renderings. They're not fantastical photoshop trickery made of fairy dust and dreams, either. These are actual Bugatti concept cars that the carmaker's design team had poured
It’s a proper modern hypercar
We've seen the teasers, we've grappled with the name (silent C, pronounce it like the burger). Now, at last, Czinger is ready to divulge all the good stuff on its 21C hypercar. And the big news is it's 3D-
It packs 827hp and 1,098Nm of torque
You know when a Pagani is reaching retirement when the track-focused mega-specials start to arrive. It happened with the Zonda, and now it's the Huayra's turn. Except for this new ultra-Pagani, it's not even called the
Its in-house developed powertrain makes 1,233hp
Oh, Czinger, you big tease. Ahead of next month's Geneva International Motor Show, the LA-based startup has let slip that its 21C hypercar will be able to hit 100kph in an outrageous 1.9sec.Yes, Internet, 0-100kph in less
It’s wild, but so are other hypercars these days
Work experience normally involves shadowing a relative, working in a shop, or being asked to get a tin of tartan paint. Not so in the case of Max Lask. The plucky and incredibly talented designer recently completed an internship at Bugatti's
It will debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show
The 'C' is silent, Internet, though the noise this thing will likely make at its Geneva International Motor Show debut next month probably won't be. A new hypercar is entering the stable, and it is called the Czinger 21C.Named after
What a glorious sound
How's your day going, ladies and gentlemen? For today, we bring you noise, glorious noise. Lamborghini's Squadra Corse division is working on a new track-only hypercar, and this is what it sounds like.Art thine ears ready? Is thine
Better hurry
If you've spent the four years since the Bugatti Chiron was revealed down the back of your sofa, desperately hunting for the £2.5 million (P166 million) needed to actually buy one, we have good news-you've got a bit
A look at the past, present, and future of Pagani
Overtaken by a burgundy Citroen Xsara Picasso. The shame.The brutal cringe-gland-rupturing humiliation of it. This is Horacio Pagani's actual, personal Zonda: chassis number 006, the very car that graced the 2000 Geneva Motor Show stand-the first supercar
Speed has many forms
In July 2010, James May did his best to max the ultimate Veyron at the Ehra-Lessien test track. You'll have seen him manage a massive 417kph on TopGear telly-just before Bugatti's test driver Pierre Henri Raphanel lifted the
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