We compare it to the Suzuki Celerio
While the Casper isn't part of the initial lineup of Hyundai Motor Philippines, we still hope to see the pint-sized crossover at some point. This stylish mini SUV is the perfect alternative to the typical A-segment hatchback.Today, we'
We guess that’s...a no?
The cat's out of the bag: Hyundai Motor Philippines (HMPH) will now be handling the brand's operations here in our market. The company has already shared its plans on what it will be selling and discontinuing in our market. Of
One can hope, right?
What's been going on with Hyundai in the Philippines lately? Obviously, the South Korean carmaker has been laying low for the past several months-but why?The open secret within the industry is that the company will be making a local
In case you need to move cargo instead of passengers
Small cars and tons of cargo aren't usually a recipe for success. Sure, once in a while you might find yourself forced to pack a subcompact car to the brim just to make do. But it isn't an ideal solution.
Have your eyes been on any of these models?
So, December is coming to a close, and we'll soon be ending yet another year with the shadow of COVID-19 hanging over our heads. On the bright side, Philippine car manufacturers have already shown over the past 12 months that
Add this to the list of reasons why we’d like to see it in our market
Hyundai calls the Casper a mini SUV, but just like the Suzuki S-Presso, it's basically just a subcompact hatchback. Does it really matter, though? It's quirky, it's got style, and most important, it's affordable. We're simply
*The price in its home market of Korea
Earlier this month, Hyundai caught our attention with the reveal of a brand-new mini SUV called the Casper. It's a promising little thing with a fun design and an ultra-compact form factor that would be perfect for urban driving
Looks rather friendly, doesn’t it?
The crossovers never stop. Just when we thought 'SUV' had been distilled into its smallest possible size, along comes another dinkier, more urban-focused faux-by-four to prove us wrong.But how could we be mad when it looks this ickle
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