Now under the brand Foxtron
Unless you're incredibly tech-savvy, you've probably never heard of Foxconn, the world's largest supplier of the iPhone. Trading as Hon Hai Technology Group, the Taiwanese company has decided its large (if also anonymous) slice of the smartphone market
The tech could become an interface that controls almost the entire car
Apple's smartphone connectivity tech has come a long way since its launch, with CarPlay now offering more features and services than ever. But it looks like Apple wants its tech to be more than just a basic interface for music and
Pro and Pro Max models now get 120Hz displays
It's that time of the year again when Apple takes center stage in the tech world. As expected, taking the spotlight in this year's showcase is the all-new iPhone 13.The latest version of Apple's flagship smartphone takes
Those of you who use performance motorcycles on the regular might want to be careful about what kind of smartphone you take with you during rides: Apple has warned that high-power motorcycle engines can "degrade" the camera systems of some of
Helpful for both motorists and commuters alike
Earlier this year, Google rolled out some handy updates to Google Maps' Live View function. Luckily for Apple users, it appears a similar feature will soon be made available on iOS.Apple has just announced the latest iOS 15 update, and the
Will conventional keys become a thing of the past?
Apple has teamed up with BMW to make unlocking a wide variety of Bimmers possible via iPhone. This feature was previously available for Android devices as well. According to the car brand, BMW Digital Key for the iPhone will be available in
An even more ludicrous option is available for P1,000,000
If you thought Apple products were pricey, then get a load of this custom iPhone 11. It costs an eye-watering $7,680. In local currency, that's more than P385,000. Let that sink in.This thing is called the Caviar
Affordability has returned to Apple’s lineup
Budget and anything Apple-related aren't usually things that go hand-in-hand, but for a time, the iPhone SE was one of the few exceptions.First released back in 2016 and refreshed a year later with upgraded storage and internal
Those that use the 3.5mm audio jack
If you notice some of your officemates having bleary eyes today, that's because they probably stayed up late watching the launch of Apple's iPhone 7 that started at 1am this morning. What nerds, huh. (yawn)As usual, social media lit
If Apple had its way, of course
If there's a problem that needs solving, "there's an app for that" is what Apple would say. Now, the Cupertino-based company has something that could change the way we interact with our vehicles.According to the Daily Mail, a
Effective or simply annoying?
Using your smartphone while behind the wheel is widely accepted as a dangerous habit, yet we always see drivers making this mistake on the road. Maybe it slips their mind, or maybe they just don't care. Regardless of the reason, it'
We're not that hard to please
Say your wife or girlfriend asks you what you want for Christmas. You have a few ideas, but you want to play it cool and don't want to appear too eager or acquisitive. Just tell her that you will love whatever
The Beetle just got more desirable
There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 6 will be one of the most in-demand Christmas gifts this holiday season. No office party raffle will be complete without it. And good luck finding stock easily--the iPhone 6 and 6
All's well that ends well, we suppose
On October 18, we reported a complaint shared with us by a customer of Ford Manila Bay, who claimed his father had left an iPhone 5 inside the family's newly bought Everest, which was being serviced in the dealership when the
And he has incontrovertible proof
A Singapore-based Filipino--and first-time Ford customer--has told us a horror story you don't ever want to personally experience. Ramel Labian, a 35-year-old associate compliance officer at a bank in Singapore, narrates a very recent experience
Now available on Maranello's four-seater
A little over a week ago, we reported that Apple's CarPlay system will immediately be available to the public through carmakers like Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.Well, Ferrari has just confirmed that it is the first automotive company to bring
To kick off with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo
For tech industry leader Apple, it isn't enough that you're able to connect your iPhone to your car's multimedia system via USB, Bluetooth or an auxiliary port. No, the company wants your vehicle's in-car entertainment system to
Coming soon to other models later this year
Mercedes-Benz is making smartphones truly mobile by fully integrating the Apple iPhone to the infotainment system of its A-Class mini multipurpose vehicle.The system, which is known as Drive Kit Plus, works by syncing with the Digital DriveStyle App developed
BMW is making its commitment to sustainability a personal experience for everyone by coming up with a pinball application for the iPhone and the iPad.A virtual version of the classic pinball game, BMW says the application helps users understand the German
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