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No surprises here
To confirm what we all saw coming, fewer people are buying new cars this year versus in 2017, due to higher excise taxes, rising inflation, and increasing fuel prices.As of June 2018, Philippine vehicle sales have hit an industry total of
Zero-emissions R8, please
Remember when mentioning Hyundai and Audi in the same sentence might seem like the set-up to a lazy joke? If you need any further proof the pair are on similar pegging now-beyond brilliant Hyundais-then the pair are now working
Did your manufacturer make the cut?
The results are in: international brand consultancy firm Interbrand has released the company's Best Global Brands 2016 rankings, giving consumers like us some insight into where our favorite household names stand on the global stage.This year's list includes several
Worth roughly around $1.8 billion
If you're familiar with the automotive industry, you're probably aware that Mitsubishi Motors hasn't been doing too well as of late (globally speaking, that is). Just last month, the Japanese carmaker admitted it had overstated the fuel economy figures
An impressive year for the industry
We want to start with an explanation. You should be reading this sales report more than a year ago, and much more frequently. Well, somewhere along the line, it became more difficult procuring the numbers needed to compile a monthly report.As
Expected to have huge impact on company
The longtime chairman of Volkswagen AG has stepped down from his post after "losing a showdown" with another VW top executive, Reuters has reported.According to the news agency, 78-year-old Ferdinand Piech has resigned after failing to expel Volkswagen CEO
Flicks that make you want to drive
Now that the election season is officially underway, it's best to ignore all the campaign advertising and start enjoying the summer. Most of the campaign advertisements only good for amusement anyway, so seeing them once is enough. Over time, it ceases
Based on J.D. Power survey
Customers of Honda and Mitsubishi come out of the brands' respective authorized after-sales service areas with a higher degree of satisfaction, a J.D. Power Asia Pacific study showed.Honda and Mitsubishi got a score of 814 points out of a
The rationale behind
In the film He\'s Just Not That Into You, Drew Barrymore\'s character laments about how she can'\'t meet potential partners using any of the technological means today. It frustrates her to be rejected by men via SMS, e-mail,
Money sent by overseas Filipino workers (OFW) continued to support the local auto industry as remittances climbed to a record high in March.Data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas showed that OFW remittances coursed through banks reached $1.47 billion in
Local car manufacturers started the year with slightly lower sales, data from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) showed. Vehicles sold last month stood at 8,791 units, 0.19 percent lower than the 8,808 units sold
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