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Look is all we can do, anyway—the brand is still not available here
He’s an NBA superstar turned YouTube sensation
Another NBA season has concluded, and the league has finally crowned a new champion in the Toronto Raptors. Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry may not have completed that coveted three-peat, but at least he still has his vlogging career going
It represents the carmaker’s “plans for high-performance electrified vehicles”
Betraying just how troublesome it is establishing a new premium carmaker in a competitive marketplace, Infiniti has slimmed its range down to just three models in the UK-the Q30, the QX30, and the Q50. Given that the QX30 is effectively a
It's sort of self-driving, too
It's the Detroit Auto Show next week, and among the new cars on display will be this, the new Infiniti QX50. It is, as your eyes may have helped you identify, an SUV. A "next-generation midsize premium SUV," according to
Variable compression explained
When Nissan announced that it was going to put a variable compression engine on the market, the reactions ranged from "Oh, wow!" to "It's never going to work." But Nissan's clever new technology has a lot going for it. Yet
Some say this could make diesel obsolete
It looks like there's no stopping the onslaught of small displacement turbocharged gasoline engines. Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Subaru, and Honda are just some of the brands that have embraced the technology. Nissan, however, wants to take things a step further.The
Using an Infiniti Q50 Hybrid
We suppose there are perks to being a four-time Formula 1 champion. Infiniti Red Bull racing driver Sebastian Vettel recently got to drive a few laps around the newly completed Sochi Autodrom in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. This track will be the
Do you know where the car got its name?
Eau Rouge is one of the most famous corners in motorsports, a high-speed corner on the famed Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium. It\'s this corner that Infiniti, Nissan\'s luxury brand, has named its new concept car after, and it\'
A lot of flowing lines and curves
There was a time when Infiniti was sold here by Universal Motors Corporation--never mind if it was merely a short-lived, one-model (Q45) affair. So, in a way, Nissan\'s luxury brand is somewhat relevant to our market. And who
Infiniti will give 2 engineering graduates the opportunity
If you happen to be a fresh engineering graduate who has yet to find a job, then perhaps this might be the break you\'ve been looking for: Nissan\'s luxury car brand Infiniti is launching a global talent search for its
With only 149 more units to be made
Infiniti made good on the promise it made at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show regarding the limited production of the FX Sebastian Vettel Edition. On July 2, on the eve of Vettel\'s 26th birthday, Infiniti gifted the three-time Formula 1
In different Infiniti vehicles
Just a day after he won the 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel flew to Russia and sampled a portion of the Sochi Olympic Park Circuit, which is scheduled to be added to the 2014 Formula 1 calendar, right after the Winter
Appoints triple F1 champ its director of performance
If we're being honest, we'd say Infiniti is one of the blandest car brands on the planet. Nissan's luxury division probably knows this, too, which is why it has appointed Red Bull Racing driver and triple Formula 1 champion
Thinks Lexus and Infiniti are the same
When half-Filipino GP3 race driver Marlon Stockinger paid the Top Gear Philippines office a visit recently, we were able to confirm what many people had already told us: He's a nice, down-to-earth fellow (in spite of his relative
With double Grammy winner Melanie Fiona
After starring last May in a martial arts short film titled Drive of the Dragon with Hong Kong-based actress Celina Jade, double Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel is now in a music video with two-time Grammy-award winning R&
Only 3 of 11 luxury cars tested make the grade
For 2012, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has introduced what it calls the small overlap frontal crash test. Based on its findings using the new crash-test method, only three of the 11 luxury sedans it tested passed the test.
Other F1 drivers would do well to stay out of his way
In April, we jokingly mentioned that one reason Red Bull Formula 1 driver and defending world champion Sebastian Vettel isn't as dominant this season as he was in the past two, was that he was too busy making a martial arts
Guess who'll get the first unit?
Sebastian Vettel may not have been around but Infiniti Europe and Middle East vice president Bernard Loire has confirmed that the Formula 1 champion's namesake vehicle is indeed going into a limited run."Our product offering continues to grow. Upwards with
We can only wish Infiniti moves it here
Nissan is reportedly looking to transfer majority of the production of its luxury brand Infiniti out of Japan to keep its products profitable in the face of the country's surging yen.This was revealed by Infiniti's executive vice president Andy
Closer to (our) home
Nissan Motor Company announced that it will move the global headquarters of the luxury car brand Infiniti to Hong Kong.Infiniti's relocation to Hong Kong comes after the brand announced plants to lift its global sales to 500,000 vehicles a
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