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Projectiles can hurt
The rear deck in a sedan is the space behind the rear seat back, underneath the rear window. This is usually where the stock speakers, third brake light, and rear wiper motor are mounted. However, the rear deck is often seen by
Based on years of Grab rides
The new Toyota Vios is so close to being launched you can almost smell its new-car scent. Currently, Toyota Motor Philippines is busy preparing a marketing blitz that befits the introduction of the former number one model in our country (before
Bring a beloved tiller back to life
We are all about restoration and recycling because we'd hate to see a perfectly good car part go to waste-especially one that we spent a good amount of money on. There's hope for steering wheels that have been used
In case creaky sounds annoy you
Good day! I would like to know if the build quality of Hyundai and Kia vehicles has improved in the last five or six years.Back in 2012, we bought a Hyundai Santa Fe, which has about 60,000km in the odo.
Some classic elements remain
1) It's a LOT roomier. About bloody time. The G-Wagen was designed in the late '70s when apparently, people didn't have elbows. For such a large car there's a comically hemmed-in feel to sitting up inside one,
Clean car, clear mind
No matter what the outside environment may be like, your driving experience is greatly affected by the atmosphere you create inside your car. Allow me to enumerate the benefits of having a spic and span cabin:1) Safety. As always, safety should
It has plants, books and gesture controls
If those zany futurists and their crystal balls are to be believed, in the future we will no longer drive cars, but be driven around in car-like pods. Now, as much as we try and hold back the tide of autonomous
Some key tips for cleaner cabins
As a guy who loves driving cars, I must say there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a plush and spotless cabin as you cruise down our chaotic and congested streets. As a matter of fact, keeping your car's interior
Walang macho sa ipis
For all the creepy crawling and/or flying insects in the world, nothing is more grotesque or irritating than the cockroach. All it takes for a room full of people to go from calm to total pandemonium is a roach doing some
Watch to see what we're talking about
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. A lot of drivers these days are obsessed with the amount of cupholders their car has. In fact, we don't think it's
Subcompact crossover segment heats up
Ford hit a mini gold mine when it released the EcoSport in our market. It was priced like a subcompact--albeit a pricy one--but had an SUV-like ride height. And for the longest time it had no direct competition, although
Want to fix your faded interior?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. For this installment of our new video series called "The Workshop Online," I've decided to do something quick, easy and enjoyable. You see,
See what the future looks like
When it comes to car interiors, Peugeot is one of the best in the business. The French carmaker is responsible for some of the most sophisticated and professional-looking cabin designs in the industry. But not wanting to rest on its laurels,
Ford shows us through these videos
Because car owners spend more of their time sitting inside the vehicle than ogling their ride from the outside, carmakers meticulously design the cabin. Ford, for one, makes sure that the materials--from fabrics and leathers to plastics--are durable and do
A higher level of refinement
The midsize E-Class has long been a favorite in the Mercedes-Benz product line. Its balanced formula of luxury and everyday practicality has made it a staple for many executives, hotel fleets, and even cab companies (in Germany).And even back
So that driving can be quiet time
Whether we like it or not, the automobile cabin has become our second home thanks to daily gridlock. Thus, interior comfort has steadily grown in importance for those who brave metropolitan traffic. If the situation isn't APEC levels, sitting in the
Whetting our appetite even more
One of the Toyota Fortuner's main strengths has always been its interior. When we first sat in one a decade ago, we were surprised at how refined and car-like the cabin was. We almost wondered why Toyota didn't include
Like, say, that of the Ford Everest
When it comes to car design, the exterior gets most of the glory, which probably explains why there are numerous award-giving bodies that honor car styling. However, it's the car's interior a vehicle owner interacts with the most, so
See if you will be disappointed
A little earlier, we posted photos of the all-new Toyota Hilux's interior. Except said Hilux was a right-hand-drive unit from Australia (we said so in the article). Like we wrote, the intent was merely to give readers an
As found in an Australian-market unit
As we've already told you, Toyota Motor Philippines is launching the all-new Hilux at the end of this month. Understandably, pickup fans are very excited, and they want to know more about this new-generation model.TMP already has actual
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