Set to arrive in 2023
Though the Hyundai N Vision 74 concept might look back to the original pony from the Seventies, it-along with the RN22e concept-previews a very interesting future. Both will inform the very first electric N division product: a Hyundai Ioniq 5
We’re talking designs from a century ago
We know what you're thinking: has Hyundai's design department just dropped the ball spectacularly for the first time in years? To put it kindly the new Ioniq 6 is, er, challenging, but you may need to do a bit of
This could be a preview of Hyundai’s future electric SUVs
Hyundai has unveiled the SEVEN concept (their caps lock, not ours) at the LA Auto Show, and the first thing to note is that it previews an upcoming EV SUV that you'll actually be able to buy. That'll be called
As futuristic as both the Staria and the Ioniq 5
The Staria has arguably one of the most compelling designs in Hyundai's global lineup. Its styling is really futuristic-actually, it straight-up looks like a spaceship.It appears this is the direction Hyundai is heading, so we're going to
This is the first vehicle to debut under Hyundai’s new sub-brand
The future of Hyundai's EVs is here: Say hello to the new Ioniq 5, the first-ever vehicle to debut under the Korean carmaker's new sub-brand.We got a glimpse at the Ioniq 5 at the start of the
This is the electric sub-brand’s first-ever model
You may remember that Hyundai recently announced plans to release all of its EVs under a new sub-brand called Ioniq. At the time, it also said that Ioniq's first car would be known simply as '5,' and that it'd
The three new vehicles will be launched over the next four years
The Ioniq, Hyundai's first hybrid car, is now the platform for a standalone brand under the Korean carmaker. Ioniq will be the dedicated EV brand for Hyundai Motor Company, just like how Genesis was created as the company's luxury brand
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