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It's more than just an all-new Alterra
With the exact prices we reported last month
After months of anticipation, pier sightings, stolen shots and Isuzu Philippines' corporate ire, the Japanese truckmaker has finally unveiled the MU-X midsize SUV. This is the successor to the Alterra model released way back in 2005.Team Kramer, the collective name
But will it keep the MU-X name?
It's no secret anymore that the Isuzu MU-X, the successor to the Alterra SUV, is here. We were first informed about it by an executive of the Japanese truckmaker a month ago, and just last week, a reader sent us
What do you think?
Yesterday, we shared with you photos of the soon-to-be-launched Isuzu MU-X sitting idly in the Port of Batangas, which means that not only are there units now of the SUV on Philippine soil, but also that the launch
Will Alterra name be retired?
So, the Isuzu MU-X has landed on Philippine soil. Reader Ding Arambulo sent us these photos of a batch of MU-X units sitting in the Port of Batangas. Arambulo says he took these photos himself after a trip to Puerto
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Those who have been complaining that the Isuzu Alterra is now really, really old, here's some good news: Its replacement, the much-awaited Isuzu MU-X from Thailand, will be launched in our market very soon. How do we know that?
No more suspicions of Photoshop trickery
A little over a month ago, we posted a story here about a Bangkok Post piece in which the Thai newspaper seemed to believe that an obviously digitally manipulated image of an SUV was that of the new Isuzu Alterra, now called
The most family-oriented SUV in this segment
This was originally supposed to be an Isuzu D-Max review, but as Isuzu Philippines Corporation is releasing the new D-Max this month, we had to settle for its Alterra platform-mate. I'd wanted to review the D-Max
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Hi, Botchi! I\'m a recent graduate with dreams of going around the Philippines by road one day. I am in the market for a graduation gift, hopefully an SUV that can take me to the ends of the Philippines and back,
As featured in our February issue
For our February 2013 issue, we went cheesy with our "Cars We Love" theme. For the road trip story, we incorporated other things we love (aside from cars, of course): good food, nature and cycling. With such an agenda, we drove the
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Hi, Botchi. I am an OFW who plans to buy a car next month for my parents and for myself, of course (for vacations in the future). I\'m confused about which SUV to buy: the Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo SE or the
In celebration of its 15th anniversary
Most everyone marvels at the fact that Isuzu Philippines Corporation still manages to sell quite a lot of units in spite of its very limited (and aging) product lineup. Well, the answer could well be found in the company's generous marketing
Know how much diesel you'll need on road trips
Embarking on a road trip means knowing how much fuel you need to put into your vehicle's fuel tank. If you're driving an Isuzu vehicle, estimating how much the trip will cost you has now become easier, thanks to Isuzu
Are you ready for another iteration?
Isuzu Philippines Corporation is bringing to the market its "best-ever Alterra model" in the Urban Cruiser X, which reportedly packs even more premium features while "offering the best value in the country's midsize SUV segment."The new features that the
With hefty discounts on its vehicles
Isuzu Philippines is honoring the Filipino heroes "whose hard work and perseverance have laid the foundation of the nation," through its month-long Road Heroes for Pinoy Heroes campaign.The campaign sees Isuzu selling the Alterra, the Crosswind and the D-Max
...and more
Isuzu customers in Cagayan de Oro must be a really happy bunch as their favorite vehicle store just bagged the Japanese brand's Dealer of the Year award--for the third time.Isuzu Cagayan de Oro's third consecutive Dealer of the
SUV's I-Nav System makes for easy navigation
June is the perfect time to refresh our memory with the country's rich history. After all, it is the month when we celebrate our Independence Day.It's very fitting then that Isuzu Philippines Corp. opted for a short historical tour
What's the best choice?<br />
Hi, Botchi!My fiancée and I are looking for an SUV that would best suit is especially when we get married and have kids. My Z just wouldn't do as an everyday car. We're looking at a
Check out the schedule here<br />
Isuzu Philippines is making shopping for a diesel-powered vehicle easier as it brings Isuzu vehicles to various malls this summer. The sport-utility vehicle Isuzu Alterra, pickup truck Isuzu D-Max and Asian utility vehicle Isuzu Crosswind will be in different
The growling diesel engine has yet to be muted but the entertainment system can take care of that<br />
Being almost exclusively an AUV driver (having driven a Toyota Tamaraw FX and a Revo for almost all of my driving years), I always welcome the break when I get to drive a slightly bigger vehicle. That treat came recently when I
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