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It's more than just an all-new Alterra
With the exact prices we reported last month
After months of anticipation, pier sightings, stolen shots and Isuzu Philippines' corporate ire, the Japanese truckmaker has finally unveiled the MU-X midsize SUV. This is the successor to the Alterra model released way back in 2005.Team Kramer, the collective name
But will it keep the MU-X name?
It's no secret anymore that the Isuzu MU-X, the successor to the Alterra SUV, is here. We were first informed about it by an executive of the Japanese truckmaker a month ago, and just last week, a reader sent us
What do you think?
Yesterday, we shared with you photos of the soon-to-be-launched Isuzu MU-X sitting idly in the Port of Batangas, which means that not only are there units now of the SUV on Philippine soil, but also that the launch
Will Alterra name be retired?
So, the Isuzu MU-X has landed on Philippine soil. Reader Ding Arambulo sent us these photos of a batch of MU-X units sitting in the Port of Batangas. Arambulo says he took these photos himself after a trip to Puerto
Check out these photos
Those who have been complaining that the Isuzu Alterra is now really, really old, here's some good news: Its replacement, the much-awaited Isuzu MU-X from Thailand, will be launched in our market very soon. How do we know that?
No more suspicions of Photoshop trickery
A little over a month ago, we posted a story here about a Bangkok Post piece in which the Thai newspaper seemed to believe that an obviously digitally manipulated image of an SUV was that of the new Isuzu Alterra, now called
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