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It keeps going and going and going...
Now on its 14th year, the Isuzu Crosswind has once again been updated by Isuzu Philippines, equipping it "with attractive features that definitely set it apart from other AUV models on the market today."For 2015, the Crosswind has a new one-
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Hi, Ferman. My car is still under warranty but I'm planning to do some engine modifications like intake, headers, and maybe a Unichip, all from Speedlab. My concern is the voiding of the warranty. Are modern cars so well-built nowadays
A more luxurious variant
Isuzu Philippines Corporation has added special SUV features to its best-selling multipurpose vehicle to come up with the Crosswind Sportivo X variant."The Crosswind is a very important model for Isuzu Philippines Corporation as we intend to reach our sales target
All set for 2012
Fresh from bagging three titles at the 2011 Auto Focus People's Choice Award, the Crosswind AUV and D-Max pickup truck have received upgrades in features for 2012.The Crosswind, which bagged the Best AUV award and received the Media's
The perfectly affordable, family-friendly AUV
The Isuzu Crosswind has carried on for years yet that hasn't diminished its appeal to buyers as it continues to be one of the top-selling Asian utility vehicles in the country. Part of its appeal comes with it being a
New features for Isuzu's bestsellers
Isuzu Philippines is giving would-be buyers of Asian utility vehicles and pickup trucks a reason to cheer this Christmas as the Japanese carmaker brings out the special X-MAX (pronounced as CrossMax) edition for the Crosswind Sportivo and the D-Max."
This car ain't broke, not at all. What it's suffering from is a datedness that mere upgrades to the sheet metal and interior won't reverse.
The Isuzu Crosswind is a very curious model. On the one hand, if I hadn't bothered tracing its physical evolution these past few years via photos on the Internet, I'd have been hard pressed to note the differences between this
Soldiering on the platform that has proven its dominance in the Asian utility vehicle segment for years, Isuzu Philippines recently unveiled variants of the 2010 Crosswind.
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