It's the Isuzu Truck Fest
Going by its regular showrooms, you'd think that Isuzu's lineup was pretty thin. Nothing but the Crosswind, the D-Max and the MU-X to choose from. But Isuzu's business is more than just pickups, multipurpose vehicles and sport-
With best result of 14.81km/L
After its previous-generation D-Max ran 1,476km with a fuel consumption of 19.3km/L in April 2013, and its Crosswind traveled 958km to register a fuel consumption of 17.42km/L in August 2013, Isuzu Philippines completed its trilogy
Apparently cost-efficient to operate and maintain
Isuzu Philippines has delivered 22 brand-new units of its N-Series trucks to AAI Worldwide Logistics. Configured as aluminum delivery vans, the new trucks \"guarantee that the precious cargo and parcel deliveries of the logistics company are protected and secured.\"The
Still going strong
Say what you want about Isuzu having an aging product lineup, but the Japanese automaker just keeps selling vehicles. Last year, in fact, was Isuzu Philippines Corporation's best-ever since 2004 as it sold 11,759 units, a 20-percent increase
Led by Crosswind's strong sales
With 8,562 units sold from January to September this year--1,426 units more than the 7,136 sold in the same period in 2011--Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) registers not just a 20-percent growth for the first nine months
Know how much diesel you'll need on road trips
Embarking on a road trip means knowing how much fuel you need to put into your vehicle's fuel tank. If you're driving an Isuzu vehicle, estimating how much the trip will cost you has now become easier, thanks to Isuzu
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