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Here’s how they’re deemed fit to be behind the wheel
We meet the people who’ve adopted the slow and low mentality of Chicano culture
You have to rewind back to '50s Southern California to find the not-so-humble beginnings of lowriding. Back then, young Mexican-Americans (Chicanos) in Los Angeles started using their cars not as a source of transport, but ethnic as statements. See,
Something we can all learn from
The Japanese are known for many things. Chief among them is their tendency as a people to be polite and courteous. That habit extends to the way they drive.But it turns out the Japanese are so respectful that they actually have
Who would have thought?
Until late December in 1941, Filipinos had no idea that Japan was already producing a wide selection of cars, trucks and even tanks. We only knew American-made vehicles and some European brands from England, France and Germany.With the arrival of
We saw the craziness unfold in Shibuya
Two years ago, we found out that Halloween in Tokyo is bonkers. People would flock to Shibuya in costumes, take part in street parties, and show off their rides.The titos and titas of Top Gear PH didn't want to miss
Because Japan
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Depending on the person, traveling long distances via bus can be a chore. If you're an individual with a low tolerance for tight
As interactive as it is cute
Toyota is known to be a maker of some of the best and most reliable vehicles on the road. Young and old alike recognize the intersecting ellipses badge and what it stands for. Soon, however, the Japanese carmaker may also be known
So they can have better quality of life
In an effort to keep its workers from leaving the company for personal reasons, Toyota Motor Corporation will offer a telecommute program to employees in its headquarters in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan by August this year, according to a report by
Japanese car industry shakeup continues
Several weeks back, Suzuki admitted that it had reported inaccurate fuel-efficiency data to the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. A total of 16 Japanese domestic market models were involved in said issue.This latest controversy comes in the
Blames weather conditions when testing
So, who's next? A month after Mitsubishi admitted quoting inaccurate fuel-consumption figures, fellow Japanese carmaker Suzuki is now confessing discrepancies in its emission and fuel-efficiency testing methods.The findings--the result of an internal investigation--were submitted by the
Is Japan car culture dead?
The noise hits us before we see them. Which, considering they're peppered in a gazillion frenetic LEDs, is an achievement. At the bottom of a slip road off Tokyo's Bayshore route is a mad Lambo clan we've been admiring
15 images of awesomely modified cars
Japan is truly a car lover's paradise. And that's not just because many of today's best automakers are from the Land of the Rising Sun, but more so because this country has the most vibrant car culture on the
Eco-friendliness is the key
One of the interesting aspects of a Tokyo Motor Show itinerary is some quality time with your host's top management. In my case, since I was with Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, we were able to take part in a Q&A
The definition of Japanese cool
As early as a month before the doors of the Tokyo Big Sight convention center opened for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki already whetted our appetite with what we could expect to see. We saw concepts like the Mighty Deck, the
Car culture at its zaniest
Among the many zany things we know about Tokyo, one thing we were not aware of is that Halloween over there is nuts. We're talking costumes, street parties and--what thrilled us the most--eye-catching cars and motorcycles that came
For the kid in you
For a lot of car nuts, their passion for speed began not in a garage or on a racetrack, but on a desk in their bedroom with a handy bottle of glue by their side. Kids who grew up in the '80s
A Tokyo Motor Show teaser
Subaru was once considered a niche brand for motorsport fans. This was during its heyday in the World Rally Championship scene, particularly with the fire-breathing Impreza WRX STI.Since then, Subaru has gone on to become a more mainstream marque, yet
Can PH ever build a world-class car?
Pride is something that all Filipinos take to heart--we're brimming with it, sometimes to a fault. We take pride in our sports icons, and we're genuinely happy whenever we hear of a kababayan making it big abroad. We at
JDM city car looks fun
For most of us, growing up with a Toyota was practically a way of life. We all knew about the brand because either we owned one or someone we knew had it in their garage. And the notion of what a Toyota
More stunning than Maria Ozawa
So, everyone is talking about Maria Ozawa being in town. If you don't know who she is, you're probably a girl. Or a priest.Anyway, our colleagues from FHM Philippines had a nice date with her last night, while we
Fondly called Mr. K by colleagues and fans
The word out of Yokohama, Japan, is that Yutaka Katayama, the first president of Nissan Motor Company's US division and also the widely recognized father of the Nissan/Datsun Z sports car, has passed away at the age of 105. The
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