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Time to buy the Japan-made Civics and Jazz while supplies last?
Will you go for it?
The Civic isn't the only Honda that enjoyed the spotlight in the Philippine car market today. There's also buzz about the new Honda Jazz, which is now sourced from Japan. Honda's plant in Thailand--where the Philippines imports the
The special-edition Jazz, too!
As if just in time for the coming summer season, Honda Cars Philippines is holding the Honda Mania exhibit and test drive event at the Bonifacio Global City from February 16 to 19.Headlining the event is the all-new Honda Civic,
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Hi, Botchi!I'm looking for a fuel-friendly car and I'm choosing between the Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta and the Hyundai Accent. We are three in the family and we're living in Zamboanga City.What is the best car
To the delight of Japanese car purists
Honda Cars Philippines will be importing the Jazz, Accord and Civic from Japan while Honda Motor's Thailand plant is under renovation after it was hit by a devastating flood late last year. "Starting February 2012, we will be importing the Jazz,
See how well its vehicles did in a fuel-economy training
Honda Foundation (HFI) teamed up with the Department of Energy, the Philippine Business for the Environment and the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities in its bid to raise awareness in fuel-efficient and safe driving among its fleet clients.HFI, composed
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Hi, Botchi!I've been a reader of Top Gear Philippines magazine since 2008 but I just signed up on your website a few days ago. Your magazine is very informative and I used it when I bought our first brand-new
Company to replace power-window master switch
Honda Cars Philippines announced its second recall this year, this time to replace the power-window master switch in the Jazz, City and CR-V.The Japanese carmaker said 19,143 units of the Honda Jazz (2005 to 2007), City (2006 to
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Hi, Botchi!I'm Mark, 24 years old and eldest in our family. My single mom will get a new car come last quarter of 2011. We already have a 2005 Honda Civic; it serves as our family car and my daily
Find out which of the 10 cars are available in the Philippines
Kelley Blue Book has come up with a list of what it describes as the 10 coolest cars available in the United States for less than $18,000 (P784,440.04 at $1: P43.58). Of the 10 cars, only four are
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Hi, Botchi!Hope all is well with you, sir. This is my first time to write to you guys so I really hope you can help me. I'm planning to get a new car soon and like most people who email
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Hi, Botchi!It's my first time to write a letter via Your column has been very helpful in a major, major way though I'm still totally confused about which car to buy. I love the Mitsubishi EX
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Hi, Botchi!I am a big fan of Top Gear Philippines magazine. I bought my very first copy at a school book fair. If I had more baon, I'd have bought every single issue there. Anyway, I'm kind of lost
Is it enough to excite you?
Honda Cars Philippines has tweaked the Honda Jazz to offer a "jazzier" version of the subcompact hatchback.The 2011 Honda Jazz now comes with a new front bumper and front fog lights, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels for the 1.
Making a comeback
The continuously-variable transmission (CVT) in the old Honda Jazz returns in the refreshed version of the current-generation hatchback.According to Honda, when its engineers revised the popular Jazz model, one of their priorities was to give customers an automatic transmission
Repairs to take three hours per car
Honda Cars Philippines will repair 5,468 units of the City sedan and Jazz hatchback as part of a global recall announced by its parent company in Japan.The recall was made after it was found that a spring in the vehicles
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Hi, Botchi!I hope you're doing well as you're reading this mail. We are planning to get a new car anytime soon but we do not know exactly what to get. We're a small family--just me, my hubby
So when will we see it in the Philippines?
After its global debut in Paris early this month, the Fit Hybrid is now available to environment-friendly motorists in Japan.The Fit Hybrid makes history as the first parallel hybrid vehicle available to the B-segment market. While it is based
Are you ready to play?
Honda Cars Philippines has launched the first locally produced augmented reality (AR) technology in the country through its online game called Chompin' Jazz.In the game, augmented reality allows players to bring the Jazz around a maze where the car loads up
A worlds' first in the B-segment market
If you think the Honda Jazz can't be more earth-friendly than it already is, think again. Honda will make history in France next month when it unveils a world's first in the B-segment market: the hybrid Jazz.Honda'
No faulty window switch here<br />
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