Articles about Jeepney Phaseout

Here’s what you need to know about the ongoing jeepney phaseout
And it only costs P1.3 million without the A/C
The jeepney, whether you like it or not, has become a cultural symbol of the Philippines-and as news of the PUV modernization program (PUVMP) being met with pushback continues, one transport group has come forward with a modern jeepney that might
The strike was supposed to last the entire week
Transport groups earlier this week called for a week-long strike in protest of the government's PUV modernization program, or what's more commonly called the jeepney phaseout.Today, transport groups Manibela and Piston have called an early end to the
Moving the deadline is not enough for them
We're at the start of the jeepney phaseout strike, and the some of the participating transport groups are making their intentions clear from the start. For them, it's not enough that the deadline for consolidating their jeepneys, some of them
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