Your weekend guilty pleasure
Before you come at us with pitchforks and torches, we want to reiterate that our opinion of Justin Bieber is similar to yours. He's a product of the American star machine, and we were just as disappointed to hear that he
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Wouldn't you give anything to take tennis superstar (and hottie) Maria Sharapova out for a spin? Of course, you'd need a really nice car to pull it off. But then, if you're a good-looking former Formula 1 driver
To be driven around Metro Manila on Feb. 7-9
It's already a tradition at Toyota Motor Philippines that when a new model is about to be introduced, it gets toured around Metro Manila before its official launch date. They've done it for the 86 and the Vios, among others,
Experience of a lifetime
In October 2011, Lexus Manila formally presented the first LFA to ever arrive on our shores. Sporting a white paint job, the supercar is reportedly the 161st in only 500 LFA units that the Japanese carmaker produced. The dealership then proceeded to
In residential neighborhood at that
Yesterday, a video showing a small young boy driving a Ferrari F430 in some residential neighborhood in India, began surfacing on the Web. The three-minute video is surreal. Children can be seen in the area, obviously cheering the little driver on.
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