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Technically, it’ll be sold through an RM Sotheby’s private sale
There's quite a range of post-racing endeavors
The rapid switch from 0-320kph to nine-to-five must be difficult, especially when your former office holds variety, excitement, and the potential to crash into a wall at any moment.Talented racing drivers who make it to the top flight
Who’s your personal GOAT?
He's still winning races and breaking records, so it may seem a little premature to be venerating Hamilton. On the other hand...he's still winning races and breaking records. With Mercedes once again looking like the team to beat, we
Sit back and relax
The blurb: "Road is the heartbreaking and adrenaline-fueled tale of a family who has dominated road racing for over 30 years."What we say: One of the very best motorsport documentaries out there, with Liam Neeson on narration duties to attest
One of only 4 units ever made
It's no secret that cars aren't exactly the soundest of investments. In fact, it has even been said that a brand-new automobile loses 10% of its value once it leaves the showroom. Of course, there are exceptions. Rowan Atkinson'
On his 20th death anniversary
In 1911, in the small Argentinian town of Balcarce, a legend was born. Juan Manuel "The Maestro" Fangio was undoubtedly one of the greatest racers to man the wheel of an Formula 1 car. Maybe it was only fitting that he was
Fetches over P1.3 billion at auction
The Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 car that gave Juan Manuel Fangio the second of his five championship titles is now the world\'s most expensive car ever sold at an auction after it fetched £19,601,500 (P1.285 billion) at the
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