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Have you considered this brand?
We find out what this Chinese MPV has to offer
You can learn a lot about a society by what it drives. From the rolling apartment buildings that Americans call SUVs to the shoebox-sized kei cars of Japan, a country's choice of car is influenced by its culture and values.
A very affordable option
Seven-seater SUVs are about a dime a dozen in the Philippines at this point. A ton of car manufacturers are offering one (or two, if you count vehicles like the Toyota Rush), and in many cases, the choice oof which one
Does this fit the bill of a utility vehicle?
The Honor S-originally launched under the Changan brand back in 2019-is really an unorthodox MPV. It looks a bit unusual, so understandably, it's not everybody's cup of tea.Be that as it may, though, the Honor S actually
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