The technology will enable services such as remote vehicle monitoring
Suzuki is ramping up its kei car game in Japan. After confirming earlier this year that all of its dinky vehicles will be equipped with hybrid power in the future, it has now announced that it will be rolling out connected-car
Would you pick this ninth-generation model over the new Celerio?
It's one small Suzuki hatchback after the other. Following the launch of the all-new Celerio in India last month, the Japanese carmaker has now unveiled the ninth-generation Alto in its home market. This was confirmed in a report by
In this case, size doesn’t matter
When someone mentions overlanding, the first cars that usually come to mind are gargantuan trucks or SUVs. These mansions on wheels are nice and all, but their capability can also be limited by their sheer size and weight. That, and we think
It’s called the Beat, and it's going under the hammer via BringATrailer
The S2000 is arguably one of Honda's most famed nameplates. Like the legendary Civic SiR, the coveted S2000 has amassed a cult following over the decades. It's no surprise that secondhand prices for the two-door convertible have remained steep
How about giving our market a taste?
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Perhaps kei cars should be a thing here in the Philippines. Think about it-they're small, fuel-efficient, and extremely easy to park. Sure, our pockmarked and flood-prone roads
Goodbye, little one
Kei-car obsessives of the Internet, it's a sad day. The death knell is ringing for the sweet little Honda S660.It'll have been on sale seven years by the time production comes to a close in 2022, and Honda
It looks like the Japanese carmaker is prepping for an electric future
Daihatsu-the Toyota-owned Japanese carmaker well-known on this website for its outrageous concepts-is shifting its focus this year from quirky designs to environment-friendly electric vehicles.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Daihatsu is setting up to roll
These kei-car concepts are utterly crazy but completely lovable
Great news! The Tokyo Auto Salon may be going virtual this year, but thankfully our old pals at Daihatsu have lost none of their creative spirit. Click these blue words if you're not sure what we're talking about.That link
Do you think this should make its way over to our shores?
Toyota has shown us a handful of quirky little EV concepts over the years. While not all of them make it into production, some eventually do, and oftentimes they're exciting.The latest concept that's slated for a formal introduction next
Yes, Type R a kei car
Japanese hot hatchbacks are the flavor of the month. But brilliant though the Toyota GR Yaris undeniably is, squeezing an overpowered engine into an undersized car-giving it burlier arches at the same time-is all very conventional.We want madness. Weirdness.
We imagine it’s pretty fun to drive
Every single kei car is cute, but some are lucky enough to hit every branch of the cute tree on their plummet to the streets of Tokyo. Kei cars like the Honda N-One.This is it in mildly updated form, but
Because it's been halved
Quick quiz question for you: What was the first car Honda ever sold in America? Something suitably big, right?Wrong. The answer is the Honda N600, way back in 1969. Measuring just 2,995mm in length, it was small. Very small. But
And we still want it
Here's some exciting kei-car news from Japan! This is a Honda S660 modified by Mugen, and we need little else in our lives. Any possessions that won't fit in its diminutive storage areas aren't worth hanging onto. Let'
Do you dig the new look?
Out of the many things we love about Japan, kei cars have got be right at the top of that list. It's just hard to hate on these cute little automobiles, wouldn't you agree?They're quirky, they're practical,
Here’s the story
Many people would much rather write off 2020 for obvious reasons, but for Suzuki, this year marks an important milestone-its 100th in existence. The former manufacturer of textile looms officially turned a century old in March, and has since been celebrating
Daihatsu is now accepting pre-orders for it, albeit not in our market
Remember the Daihatsu TAFT Concept we featured a couple of months back? It debuted during the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, and now Daihatsu is accepting orders for it in Japan.This 'Tough & Almighty Fun Tool' is what its makers call the world'
It’s all sorts of crazy but also a whole lot of fun
For us, the Suzuki Jimny never ceases to impress.Yes, it's a quirky little vehicle that definitely turns heads when it drives past. But it was only recently that Top Gear PH associate off-road editor Beeboy Bargas got to take
Including ProPilot, forward-collision warning, and Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats
Small they may be, but kei cars are a big deal in the Japanese automotive industry-in 2019, the country's best-selling vehicle came from this segment. No surprises there considering how sensible and economical these runabouts are, though some of
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