Should this be sold in PH?
Downsizing doesn't just have to be for private motorists, you know. There are plenty of small businesses out there that needn't rely on anything bigger than a kei car for their transportation needs.With this in mind, something like the
Who doesn’t love a good kei car?
We've said it before here on Top Gear Philippines, but this latest news makes us want to shout it from the rooftops once more: kei cars are awesome. They're fantastic. Just great. They're so quintessentially Japanese, yet we pray
We really wish this thing would launch locally
When someone buys a kei car, the goal is usually to squeeze the most utility out of its pint-sized package. ESB, though, has other plans.The Japanese tuner has worked its magic on the all-new Suzuki Alto, slamming it to
Don't fool yourselves into thinking Japan's passion for kei cars stems purely out of a lack of real estate. The market takes the segment very, very seriously. Need proof? The country's auto industry has just named one (or two?)
That’s one tough-looking kei car
You kind of need to throw away the idea of size-or a generous amount of it, rather-when you're talking kei cars. The entire point of the segment is to keep things practical by minimizing a unit's floor space,
These have been popping up for sale once in a while lately
The Philippines is no stranger to unusual cars being sold locally. Whether it's a grey import luxury car or surplus models from Japan, it's what makes car spotting in the country that bit more interesting. Recently, we'
You’ve got to admit, that ‘Fun Cross’ variant does look like fun
Daihatsu easily has one of the quirkiest lineups in Japan, from funky models like the Copen to small yet utilitarian ones such as the Taft. If we were to list down the Daihatsus we'd like to see in our market, then
Do you really need that oversized pickup?
Let's be real-many of you guys are driving cars that are way too oversized for your everyday needs. Sure maybe once in a while, you'll need to transport something using your truck bed or you might have to drive
BBS wheels!
We don't get too many roadsters here in our market. The most attainable one is the Mazda MX-5, and after that, you're looking at models well outside the average Joe's price range.One roadster we wish we had
Does size really matter?
Size matters in the Philippine auto market. You needn't look any further than our passion for pickup trucks and midsize SUVs for proof. This presents a problem in urban areas, though, where roads aren't exactly built to cater to their
No, we’re not referring to the R34 GT-R Skyline...
It wasn't enough to just complete the task-it had to be finished with all golds. Partly for your own OCD and partly because it'd reward you with a better car at the end.Ivan Pavlov wasn't on the
Would this work in the PH?
At first glance, 180km of range for an electric vehicle doesn't sound too impressive-more so if you're comparing it to the Teslas and Volkswagens of the world. For an urbanite like this, though? That kind of usability may be
Given the current fuel prices, do you think this car could work in PH, too?
How does an electric kei car built for commercial use sound like to you? Considering the high fuel prices these days, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea, does it?Well, there's a chance more businesses could start using
Is this viable?
When it comes to overlanding, size matters. This isn't just because you want to have a good amount of space if you're living off the grid, but also because you need a vehicle capable of tackling settings most other cars
The technology will enable services such as remote vehicle monitoring
Suzuki is ramping up its kei car game in Japan. After confirming earlier this year that all of its dinky vehicles will be equipped with hybrid power in the future, it has now announced that it will be rolling out connected-car
Would you pick this ninth-generation model over the new Celerio?
It's one small Suzuki hatchback after the other. Following the launch of the all-new Celerio in India last month, the Japanese carmaker has now unveiled the ninth-generation Alto in its home market. This was confirmed in a report by
In this case, size doesn’t matter
When someone mentions overlanding, the first cars that usually come to mind are gargantuan trucks or SUVs. These mansions on wheels are nice and all, but their capability can also be limited by their sheer size and weight. That, and we think
It’s called the Beat, and it's going under the hammer via BringATrailer
The S2000 is arguably one of Honda's most famed nameplates. Like the legendary Civic SiR, the coveted S2000 has amassed a cult following over the decades. It's no surprise that secondhand prices for the two-door convertible have remained steep
How about giving our market a taste?
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Perhaps kei cars should be a thing here in the Philippines. Think about it-they're small, fuel-efficient, and extremely easy to park. Sure, our pockmarked and flood-prone roads
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