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Which of these do you plan on buying?
It's been a pretty eventful year for the local automotive industry so far. Every major player, from Japanese giants like Toyota and Suzuki to more upscale European brands like Volvo and BMW, has been busy bringing products in. And to think
MIAS revealed a fair number of new models
Chevrolet Camaro (P3,298,888) The Covenant Car Company, Inc. has finally introduced the latest Camaro. This stylish pony car features a retro-futuristic exterior that blends classic '60s muscle car styling with the sharp-edged design language we see on the
A new compact sedan has entered the market
The local compact-sedan scene has remained relatively unchanged over the past few years. When you bring up the segment, the first nameplates to come to mind are the usual industry staples: Honda Civic, Toyota Altis, Mazda 3. Anything past them is
Will the compact-sedan segment experience a comeback?
Remember the Kia Forte? It was the Korean car manufacturer's compact offering a few years back, before the nameplate faded into obscurity and was eventually discontinued in the Philippines.It was a shame seeing the Forte go. We even went so
More aftermarket goodness
The Kia Telluride, unmodified, is a full-size SUV that gives off a premium, no-nonsense vibe. It's capable, but we certainly wouldn't call it playful. It looks more like something that'd be parked in between a Lexus and
Those wheels look huge
The Kia Forte has been an often overlooked entry in the highly-competitive compact sedan market. It's understandable, considering it's pitted against the likes of the Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic. But could a sleeker, more modern look help
A journey to take you places
Recent studies indicate that half your brain stays awake whenever you sleep someplace new, alert for any possible danger. Which is probably why I found myself oddly awake at four in the morning in a strange bed, hours before sunrise. It takes
A sad state of affairs
When it comes to determining the best car in the compact segment, there's little argument that the Mazda 3 is the current winner. In hatchback form, which is how we prefer it, it's the perfect combination of looks, performance, features
Just for the Christmas season
It's that time of year again! It's the season of Yuletide cheer, holiday decorations, and everyone's well-deserved 13th-month pay. We know exactly what all the car nuts are thinking: "What better way to spend your hard-earned
Which one is your favorite version?
Every decision we make is a reflection of ourselves. Okay, before you begin thinking that this is a click-bait story about life instead of the Kia Forte trio, we'll get to the point: Every car-buying decision we make is
Are the prices justified?
So, you already know the prices and the colors of Kia Philippines' latest compact-car offerings: Forte (sedan), Forte Koup (coupe) and Forte 5 (hatchback). Aside from that basic information, we're sure you're itching to know what's really inside
How much are these new compact cars?
Good things indeed come in threes.Just as we told you last weekend that Kia Philippines (aka Columbian Autocar Corporation) was going to launch three versions of the Forte compact car, so it happened tonight. The distributor of the Korean carmaker hopes
To strengthen its product lineup
The Kia Forte is kind of a market oddity. It was made available in our market, but we never really saw any promotional efforts after the quiet introduction. The high price kept most buyers away, and the local distributor seemed to accept
With 3 different engines
Kia Motors has launched at the 2014 Chengdu Motor Show an all-new compact sedan exclusively for the Chinese market. The Kia K4 has a 2,770mm wheelbase, longer than that of the similarly sized and globally available (except in the Philippines)
Were you waiting for these?
The all-new Kia Forte was launched in 2012, with sales in its home market of Korea starting later that year. Over a year later and we have yet to see the compact sedan--as well as its two-door coupe version--
With Honda Civic earning the highest marks
Following its small overlap front crash test for compact SUVs in May, in which only two of the 13 vehicles tested passed, the United States\' Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has now released its findings on the same test for small cars.
After the Batman-inspired Kia Optima
Following the debut of the Batman-inspired Kia Optima nearly a month ago at the New York Comic-Con, the Korean carmaker has now revealed four more of its superhero-inspired cars at the 2012 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in
But when will we get it?
Kia first showed off its all-new Forte compact sedan last July. According to the Korean carmaker, it is scheduled to go on sale in its home country of Korea before the end of 2012. For the overseas market, we'll reportedly
Which superhero matches which Kia model?
Kia has teamed up with comic-book publisher DC Entertainment, and together both companies will combine automotive styling with comic-book art to bring to life "the World's Greatest Superheroes."The partnership, which will yield eight individually customized vehicles, will see
Longer, lower and wider than its predecessor
Kia has finally revealed what the all-new Forte (called K3 in South Korea) looks like, and according to the Korean carmaker, the new compact sedan is longer, lower and wider than its predecessor.The new Forte uses an all-new bodyshell
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