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We take a closer look
Geely Philippines recently previewed its entry-level GX3 Pro crossover at the 2023 Manila International Auto Show. If you think this looks a bit like a crossover-ized subcompact hatchback, that's because it evolved from a now-discontinued hatchback model sold
The EV race is on
Kia Philippines formally joined the electric vehicle movement today with the launch of its sleek EV6. We already had the pleasure of trying out the massive EV, and you can watch our first impressions below. With the introduction of the EV6, Kia
Last year was a pretty big one for Kia Philippines, with the company being able to post a sizable 34% annual sales increase while the auto industry recovered from COVID-19. That's noticeably higher than the local market's average 26%
How far has the Kia Sportage come?
Kia has earned plenty of plaudits for its design-led approach of late, but back in the day affordability was very much at the forefront. The first-generation Sportage, first revealed at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show and officially launched in Asia
This isn’t just for soccer moms
You know what? You can think minivans are uncool. We're perfectly okay with that-we'll just take our seven seats, spacious interior, and feature-filled cabin someplace else. And no, you can't hitch a ride with us.Frankly, with
And the most improved SUV award goes to...
Kia's global lineup has continued to grow more and more exciting over the past few years. The Korean carmaker has completely revamped its lineup with a handful of next-generation models sporting the brand's new design language.Towards the end
Excited for this EV?
When Kia unveiled the EV6 a while back, it was big news. Not just because it was the first all-electric vehicle from the Korean carmaker in a while, but also because it was a really good EV at that. All the
Customers are already dropping by
Well, that didn't take long at all. Kia Philippines immediately got business going at its newly-inaugurated Santo Tomas, Batangas dealership, with three customers immediately taking hold of their brand-new rides during the facility's opening.Kia Santo Tomas' first
Does dealership appearance matter to you?
Ultimately, the car buying experience boils down to what a brand's ride has to offer. You can't deny, though, that how the dealership experience is presented factors in, too. A poorly maintained showroom can raise a question mark or two
Tara, road trip?
The freedom we enjoyed before a certain virus ravaged the globe feels so long ago now that we can view it with rose-tinted nostalgia. Two years ago, the world felt like a desert with endless oases just a drive or plane
In the market for a minivan?
If you're talking family vehicles, usually the first couple of models to come to mind-at least in the Philippine market-are midsize SUVs or large vans like the Toyota Hiace. That's fine, considering those are two of the most
The brand sold 3,748 vehicles last year—more than a third of them were Stonics
It looks like Kia Philippines had a great year in 2021. The carmaker has shared that it was able to sell 3,748 vehicles last year, equal to a 76% year-on-year increase.The brand's biggest sales driver? The Stonic.
Looking for a minivan?
Those of you searching for a brand-new ride that can fit the whole family might want to hold off for a bit longer, as Kia Philippines has finally revealed the local launch date of the all-new Carnival.The South Korean
Are you digging the burly new appearance?
As far as minivans go, the Kia Carnival has long been one of the most well-rounded packages in the segment. Its practical configuration and stylish appearance made it a sensible choice, and the South Korean car manufacturer built further upon this
We don’t know about you, but we’d like to see this here
A lot of automotive brands were able to bounce back in the past year. Korean carmaker Kia, for example, saw significant growth in sales in 2021.According to the company's latest report, it was able to sell 2,777,056 units
A look we can get behind
Kia has really stepped up its design game since it revamped its branding over a year ago. Since then, we've seen stunners like the EV6 and the all-new Sportage show off the carmaker's new aesthetics. Now, add the next-
If you find the standard look too tame
The Kia Stonic landed in the Philippine market last year with two main qualities going for it. The first is that its compact size makes it a practical choice for people living in the city, and the second is that it's
Another seven-seater SUV to consider
There's already a plethora of seven-seat SUVs available in the market if you're on the hunt for one. Considering the country's obsession with passenger capacity, though? More is always merrier.The latest addition to the segment comes courtesy
The van that can
Once upon a time, the Mitsubishi L300 FB was the de facto choice for moving cargo and people. Sure, other trucks came before it, like the Tamaraw, the Fiera, the Anfra, and even Mitsubishi's own Cimarron. But in the turbulent years
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